So it was a blunt machete then...hows that going to cut thru the Georgian humidity ;-)

You run in it??? (with a machete???!!)

Christ, and I thought we had it bad! Seems we got muggy, rainy, moz infestations, winter time or temps topping the ton. Smiles all round then....!

...has turned out pretty crap thus far here in the uk. In fact, the day after the met office promised us a scorcher this year things went pretty much tits up. Ever noticed how the forecasts on the weather apps change hourly? I think they just look outa the window.

What's the weather like where you are?


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Coffee's in the lead then!


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Yeah, it is sad. But the way she lived may have inspired, and will continue to inspire, kids to adopt the same kind of lifestyle. Now that's sad.


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Glad things turned out good. Must have been great people applauding you. No stopping you now, eh?


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You could always do 50 push ups, balancing on the pinky and forefinger of each hand. Ouch! Hell, back in the day I used to do 100 (and I still can't play Romance!)


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Ever tried mixing a spoonful of coffee granules (Douwe Egberts!) with a bowl of vanilla ice cream! Fantastic!


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Is it true the Americans prefer coffee and the Brits are essentially tea drinkers? Hmmm....

Well, this Brit enjoys a nice cup of coffee. On average six a day. Whats your preference and where are you from?


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Y know what, Zurf, there's a part of Spanish Romance that eludes me every time. If I had longer fingers I would have the whole damn tune nailed by now but my fingers refuse to stretch four frets I need to complete the tune.
Reckon I will just keep on strumming the chords I can reach to other songs and play the Romance tune on my keyboard with a nylon guitar sample loaded (which I have done quite comfortably)
Or else I will play it on my baritone uke when I get it. Might even stick it on YouTube.


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Thanks Roger. 'Bout time I dug out the ol' Washburn.


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Discovered an amazing guitar player a few months back. Peppino d'agostino. Simply amazing guitar playing. Close to the Heart is a terrific album. Check him out on YouTube as well.


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Excellent advice, Whitewater. Thanks a bunch for that, I will get her to keep the exercises up.

Lookin forward to having a listen to one of your riffs, mate.

Terrific little app for recording a quick riff for some comments and ratings. All genres and instruments catered for.
I have just downloaded it. Will record some bits over the weekend. Has anyone here already tried it and uploaded anything?


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Ya know what Steel, I bought a Marineband something or other last year, had a couple of blows and stuck it in the drawer. An impulse buy. Since then I've bought three guitars and a uke. I think my wife wishes I had stuck with the harmonica obsession as it takes up a lot less space!

Love me Kala tenor uke and now I am after getting a Kala baritone. We only have a one bed bungalow so very little space, mores the pity.

Back to the harmonica. To me, it sounded a bit off key and it's too much aggro to try and tune it up but I agree, when played properly they sound great, huh?

Also love the sound of bagpipes, when played in a huge pipes and drums band. Sometimes they practically move me close to tears I have to admit. Won't be buying a set of them though!


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Thanks Dino, I am grateful for that.


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Thanks for that Gabby. Must have taken ages to type that lot! My good lady has recently started her menopause, bless her, so on top of everything else she has the hot flushes, (or as the americans call it hot flashes), to contend with! I bought her a couple of tubs of Soya Isoflavones which like the Xango cost a small fortune but they appear to be helping her.
The ingredients pretty much match so I am wondering if maybe they will have the same effect on the shoulder condition eventually? She has only been taking them for a couple of weeks but already she definitely looks better in herself regarding skin and hair, so it is a possibility.


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Thanks Zurf, grateful for your well wishes.


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Much obliged, Patrick, all suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Thanks, Mekidsmom, I appreciate your words.


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gitaardocphil wrote:

attention for cortisone, a lot of sideffects.Being  MD, I should go to maximum 3 injections

I have heard this. That's what I was worried about.


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Bless ya. Thanks Nela.


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Need a little help here, peoples. My diabetic wife has developed this damn frozen shoulder. Breaks my heart to see her in pain. She goes to this physiotherapist every few weeks and they are saying about giving her a cortisone injection in it. I have heard this itself can be extremely painful and the relief, if any, only lasts some weeks. Plus it can cause some complications with her diabetes. I don't want her to have it, but she is confused and does not know which way to turn. Has anyone else had experience with this condition?