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I want to make my own CD under the name of The Pandora Project. I know the sort of sounds I want to have on it, I just don't know how to write the song itself.

I'm aiming for that sort of happy yet dark kind of sound that bands and artists like Tarja, Nightwish and Lyriel have in their music, but at the same time, I also want to have a more folk/orchestral/choir type feeling in this project too.

Maybe its just me, but singing and playing at the same time seems a lot harder than it looks. Is it just me, or is there some kind of trick behind it that no one's bothered to tell me?


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14. Been playing 2 years and not getting very far.

My favourite music artists are Nightwish and Tarja Turunen (the former lead singer of Nightwish herself). I know pretty much everything about them, and I have all of their CDs apart from 1. Love them to bites.
I was wondering, who do you like, and why?


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I'm 14 years old, and I've been learning guitar for almost two years, but I'm struggling with my timing and chord changes. No matter how hard I try, or how much I practice, I only seem to be able to do well in my guitar lessons that I have every other Monday at 7. I want to be able to do well on guitar outside of my guitar lessons, especially at school and when playing with others.
Any advice for a child in need?