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dino48 wrote:

Artee I can not sing either so you are not alone, peter benson has gotten better little by little and he sounds great now.

Yup, Pete's an inspiration to us all.


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easybeat wrote:

When i`ve put songs Or poems here, often get the comment.
Look forward to the video.
Well i can`t sing,& just a strummer, but so many songs i need to put a voice to.
So i`ve opened a `soundcloud` account so i can put some audio out there.
I have found this a VERY scary thing to do.i love writing songs & needed to do
something with them.So i`ve mumbled my way through a few so far (a few bum notes)
BUT I couldn`t have done this without your encouragement.
Many many thanks to those of you who have encouraged me.

Hey easybeat,

You know what? You've just done what a lot of people, including me, are too timid to do. Congratulations on your decision and I hope it brings you a lot of satisfaction!


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Great job! I enjoyed your work and was impressed by the sound.


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badeye wrote:

Made it to another Friday,   bring on the blues...


badeye    cool

An amazing man and guitar player; may he rest in peace, but not so peacefully that he can't play the blues.


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zguitar wrote:

+1 what Doug said. My first thought was that it has to be a plastic laminate. Wood doesn't act like that. If it's a good deal and plays nice then take a chance. You could always leave it as is.

I was just curious about what caused the defect; the seller is asking $1200 which is too expensive for me.


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Phill Williams wrote:

i've finnished the recording and put it on sound cloud, please click the link if you'd like to give it a listen


please feel free to comment

Excellent! Your work continues to amaze me with it's depth and professionalism.


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dino48 wrote:

I have seen it once before on a kay acoustic and it played,the owner had the guitar a lot of years.

Have the tuning machines compressed the wood?


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I spotted a nice looking 1968 guild on CL today, but it has a curious defect in the head stock:

http://images.craigslist.org/00h0h_ivss … 00x450.jpg

Have you seen this before? Do you know what causes it?


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beamer wrote:

Phil,, I will pm you later, but just listening to y our song(very good btw) I whipped out 2 verses and a chorus.  Ill PM them to you in a bit.  Have to get caught up at work.

Great work, Beamer. Can't wait to hear what you guys come up with.


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Terrific job, Phill! Great melody and instrumentation. It's great on its own, but I'd also like to hear it with lyrics.


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I emailed the seller and asked him if he would unbox the guitar so that I could play it, and he replied, "Certainly!" Well, I don't have 1500 bucks to spend on a guitar, but I was just curious how he'd respond.


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On my local Craig's List, a seller has "a Brand New in the unopened box, a TAYLOR 526 SOLID MAHOGANY ACOUSTIC GUITAR. I am moving and need to sell." He's asking $1500.

All the pictures he has posted have been cut and pasted from the Sweetwater website:


Why would this guy have bought a guitar and then never opened the box to inspect what he'd purchased? How could you expect to sell a guitar without unpacking the guitar and allowing the buyer to play it?

I'm guessing this is stolen merchandise. What do you guys think?


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That was a great story Russel. I could imagine turning your story into a play . . . or a song. Given your talent for writing, I wonder if we'll see a new tune from you about it?


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My dream guitar that is cheap enough for me to afford is a Martin 000-15. I haven't bought it because I have a perfectly good Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500 ME NS. Also, my abilities don't warrant a $1200 guitar.

My dream guitar that is too expensive for me to buy, would be a Gibson J-200 Custom. My other expensive dream guitar would be to go on the Martin website and use their Custom Shop tool to build a guitar with exactly the features that I want.

(I didn't notice this was on the "Electric" thread--my bad.)


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Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment.


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beamer wrote:

This is where an electric is better LOLOL  Ill pound that drum for ever. Electric and Barre chords are like PB&J they just go together.

I was struggling to make an effective barre on my acoustic guitar, and I had come to believe that I never would be able to do it . . . that something was inherently wrong with my finger or technique. Then I picked up a friend's electric, and to my amazement, I could barre easily. I didn't switch to electric, but I went back to my acoustic with the knowledge that I could, in fact, do a barre chord. That feeling of confidence helped me keep practicing until I could barre successfully.


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I was about to do it, but the rhino apologized and the bomb didn't go.


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Great job! I love that combination of guitar and harmonica.

I really enjoyed that. Love to see father and son playing together, plus a great song with a nice laid-back blusey feel.


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Nice job!


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That's interesting NELA; I guess they're really hardcore about trying to protect Brazilian Rosewood. Pity they didn't start growing more of it about 60 years ago.


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I don't know how to fix the head stock of a guitar, but as for the basics, I'd say that would include learning open chords and strumming patterns.


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Yeah, it seems that short term profit always trumps long term investment.


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It's widely recognized that Brazilian Rosewood is an ideal wood to use in the manufacture of musical instruments. Likewise, this wood has been endangered for decades and there are restrictions on harvesting and selling Brazilian Rosewood, making it very expensive.

Overlooking the question of whether Brazilian Rosewood is actually better than other types of Rosewood (or other species of wood), I'm wondering why Brazil has not made a concerted effort to renew their Rosewood stocks? It seems like they would be able to make a lot of money, not only from instrument makers, but from furniture makers, too.


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Congratulations, Joe! I love to hear about people being recognized for their talent.