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Thanks, pondshus!  Now I just need to transpose into a key I can sing in!!  A is definitely not my key!


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OK, all you collectors of the odd, rare and unusual;  Does anyone have the chords to that great classic "I Wanna Kiss Her But"  by Tim Cavanagh?  I have been all over the internet and all I have found are the lyrics ( Which I already know)!  I'm counting on all you Chordie folks to help me out!  And thanks in advance!  Rick


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Well, the key here is practice.  Just like everything else, if ya want to get anywhere, ya gotta pay your dues.:/


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Wow, that is what I call goin' above and beyond the call!!!

Thanks so much for the help, sir. Figuring out the chords to a song is one talent I wish I could master, and I stand in awe of those of you who can!  Now I just gotta get it to sound good on my banjo...

Again, thanks!


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Hey, joey.  The song I'm looking for is "Dancin' Across the USA".  It was the song that played during the closing credits of the movie.  You are right, though, "Holiday Road" is also a good song, but the one I'm after has a really cool swing to it. 

Thanks for the response.


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Guess I have a somewhat off-beat taste...

Most any movie with Dennis Hopper; "Blue Velvet", "Hoosiers", and he even made "Waterworld" almost tolerable ("This is really gonna mess up my short game!")

"Vampire's Kiss" with Nicholas Cage, and "Buckaroo Banzai" with Peter Weller and John Lithgow

The problem here is that there are so many good movies, it's almost impossible to think of them all!

I'm not a guitar player; banjo is my game, but I have found in some songs that I substitute an Em for the C because the C just doesn't sound right.  Off hand I can only think of one that I do this on (haven't had my coffee yet!) is "Route 66".


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Thanks, dino.  I didn't think to check that category.  Still wasn't able to find what I'm after, so the quest continues...


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I'm trying to find the chords for Lindsey Buckingham's "Dancin' Across the USA".  You know, the song from "Vacation".  Any body out there able to help me out?  All I seem to find on the net are the lyrics.

Thanks in advance!


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Good choice!  You'll be happy with the Special 20.  Just like with any instrument, if ya go for the cheap junk, you'll be disappointed.


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Well, ya ought to go visit it!  Poor thing's probably lonely...after all, banjos have feeling too!


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Whadda ya mean "Once upon a time"!?  Don't tell me ya gave it up!

TSK    TSK    TSK!


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Musicians friend has a 7 piece set signed by Bob Dylan for only 25.000 dollars. Plus, I see a lot of used harmonicas for sale. All I can say to myself is eww. Without getting crude, all I can say is except for my wife.........

Yeah, harmonicas and toothbrushes...not the best items to share around!


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Thanks there, Astro!  That's the song, and now I got the chords, so now all I have to do figure the roll patterns, 'cause I be a Banjer pickin' fool!

I really appreciate the help!

Keep on pickin'!


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I'm goin' nuts here, and maybe somebody out there can help.

Does anyone have the chords to "Pickin' To Beat The Devil" by Pure Prairie League?  Or maybe someone can point me in the right direction to find them?

Jeez, I've been all over the internet, and all I can find are the lyrics.

Any help is greatly appreciated; and thanks in advance!


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Zurf wrote:
sal meo wrote:

still cant get on.


If you can't get on, I'm confused as to how you left a message.  Nevertheless, if you get the SQL database error message once, most browsers will put that screen in your cache.  The next time you log on to Chordie, even if the problem is fixed your computer will pull up the result of its previous visit to that site from your cache and display that.  This is sold as a feature giving you faster response from your browser.  To over-ride your browser, you can either click on the reload button (which is different depending on which browser version you use, but each browser has one), or you can erase all the information from your browser's cache and come in. 

- Zurf

Thanks, Zurf!  Your advice did the trick.  I think my main problem with me is I could write a book about all the stuff I don't know about computers!


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I'm currently at the local library, and I am obviously connected.  I will try again on my home computer, when I get home.  I hope my computer doesn't have any serious issues!


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zguitar wrote:

Anyone play harmonica? I might be interested in learning. Over the holidays Guitar Center ran an ad for a 7 piece Hohner Piedmont set. Reviews say they are decent. I think I would get something diff tho. I would like a good harp, above decent anyway. Any suggestions?

I don't have time to play guitar, so when am I gonna try to learn harp....

I have been blowin' harp for a few years.  Not the fancy chromatics with the button on the side.  I play "Mississippi saxophone", or the 10 hole type.  I really like the Hoener "special 20", it's basically the Marine Band (THE classic blues harp) but with a plastic body.  Very comfortable to play, and very durable.  The plastic body doesn't swell on ya like the wood does, when yer slobberin' and droolin' all over it!  Good luck with it and as you get more into it, you'll find that it is a much more complicated instrument than first appearances would indicate!


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Love the B-17 too.  What a tough, graceful work of art that plane was.  The B-29 was also an awesome machine...pinnacle of piston engine aircraft design.  Years ago, way back in the '80's, I was lucky enough to watch "Fifi" as she flew over Flathead Lake in Montana, flying from an airshow in Missoula to another airshow in Kalispell.  She was about a mile away, maybe only 1,000 feet up...heard the engines for 5 minutes before we could see it.  What a sight!


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Hey, all,  Just found this thread, and read it cover to cover!  Better than TV.  Can't wait to get in on the action.  Been really interesting to see how the whole thing is evolving!


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I love that old WWII iron!  My favorite plane of that era was the F4-U Corsair.  One BAD plane to tangle with, if you could get 'em back on the ground without crashing.  I understand visibility was a nightmare when landing!


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Dirty Ed wrote:

Welcome aboard cavecookie.  Where I live it's not called a band unless there's a banjo player in it.


Guess they know what real music is down your way!  Here in central Oregon, folks see my banjo and say "Gee, that's a funny-lookin' drum!".

Seriously, though, there are a few banjo pickers around, and I need to get goin' with some jams.  I figure the best way to stick with it is to have some folks pushin' me to improve.


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topdown wrote:

Welcome to chordie cavecookie - we can use some banjo pickers in the band!

IDK, at this point my fingers are so rust and disused, ya probaly wouldn't want me yet.  tongue

It would be kinda like Barney Fife singin' in the choir!

P.S.   Thanks for the welcome!


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Hi, all

Just ran across this site in my never-ending quest for new material, so figured I'd just join up, and introduce myself!

Been pickin' on and off for a few years, and now I'm ready to get a little more serious about the whole proposition.  I did a little browsin', and it looks like I'll find this site a valuable  resource.  I'm excited to find ya all here, I've been lookin' for a place like this!

Now, back to lookin' for an avitar pic that's small enough to fit!  Don't give us much room for 'em on this board.