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Hi,  Just curious if there are any newbie bluegrass acoustic players out there that want to exchange any info or websites they have found to be helpful!!!!  I am just starting to learn a few runs and mostly getting backup rythym down.......It's alot of fun until they speed the videos up to normal tempo (yikes)

Thanks, Nascarfan

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Howdy Nascarfan, and welcome to Chordie as a new poster!

  Somewhere around here there are a pea-pot of bluegrass pickers I'm sure, who will step up and direct you in the right course.
Sorry to say that although I enjoy the genre, it isn't my forte.... although I am pretty sure I couldn't keep up at half speed even.
For specific info about scales and theory I would sure want to ask over in the Theory section... seems to me that Jerome does quite a bit of country and bluegrass as part of his normal gig.

Good hunting, and onced again welcome aboard!

Take Care;

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Hi Nascarfan there is some great bluegrass guitar teaching aids on "you tube" try this
                   for starters and then just explore some of the other links .. and don't
                   worry about the speed I have just fallen into that trap while trying to learn
                   the banjo ...all advice is the same  learn SLOWLY ..have fun

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hi, nascarfan. here's a few links for some bluegrass

flatpicker 55 is right!    learn'em  slooooww an mistake free.
When you feel like your holding back to keep from speeding up---that's when you can increase your tempo. practice,practice, practice!!
If you want it bad enough, you CAN do it!!


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Hey thanks for the links guys it will be helpful the next time I pickup my for the speed I will kep it slow for now!! 

Thanks again, Nascarfan