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Its funny the things that inspire you. I hadn't written anything in ages, couldn't get anything worth keeping no matter what I tried. I'd pumped my head full of the best musicians I could find, from BB King to Beethoven trying to inspire myself, and even though I feel like I've evolved SO much as a player, had not one original piece to show for it. Then I bought a pack of bracelets from the mall and they were tied together with this little black ribbon and BAM! I had the chord progression in my head before I ever got home. And the lyrycs came so easy. It sounds as if there's meaning behind it I suppose, although I must confess that its more of an afterthought than the actual driving force. Its come to mean different things yes, but I really just had that ribbon and the chords in mind when I wrote most of it. Weird how that works sometimes.
Anyway, when you're playing this, I reccomend using the barre chords for G, Bm, D, and C, it sounds better that way. Hold that G barre and get a good consistent beat going using downstrokes, Id say it was 4 beats to a barre, then simply give each chord those 4 beats. The only time that consistency changes is when you get to

My [C]sun came [(step down)]shinin' [Am]thru'..

I hit the C just once with a sharp downstroke, then walk it straight down to Am and hold it there till the next barre starts.

One last thing, on the bridge I just gave the chords, for that one I reccomend going up to the barred Em higher up the neck and sliding down to each progressive chord. It makes it easier if you want to do some kind of lead over it, which is always fun.

I hope the tune's not lost in translation, its alot of fun to sing.

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Re: 'Black Ribbon'= first one in forever

Hi Rebel,

You've an interesting lyric there. I like the movement of the story. Can we hear it soon?

The ribbon as a subject reminds me of The Black Velvet Band - … re=related .

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Re: 'Black Ribbon'= first one in forever

Great song, reb. Didnt you write a gospel type song awhile ago? I like the third verse. Inspriration comes from wierd places.

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Re: 'Black Ribbon'= first one in forever

Yeah I probably did, I'm afraid I couldn't remember it now. I like the third verse also, I had only the two for a while and I thought 'Man I need to tie this up and make it happier', so when the last one finally came I was really happy. Glad yall like it,

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Re: 'Black Ribbon'= first one in forever

Hi Hannah,
I agree how funny little things can inspire you. smile I gotta start looking for the simple things cause it's the simple things that hold the most meaning.
Nice write and chord progression.
Thanks smile


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Re: 'Black Ribbon'= first one in forever

hi hannah a lovely song and lyrics ,can't wait for recording,soon i hope,well done....stay cool

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