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A            D   
Another rain drop
A                                             E                             
And I'm still singin through the tears
A                            D
tryin' to keep my composure
A                 E                  repeat pattern for verses
for all these years
So many things to see
and none of them make sense
So I just laugh along
with practiced pretense

Take Me Back to those
Sunny days
Strawberries and fool's gold
Life's simple ways
Take Me Back to those
picnics in the grass
Smiles and philosophies
that always seemed to last

Another wrong turn
and these voices in my head
keep giving me new ideas
that always end up dead
Broken guitar strings
but I still know my songs
Someone please just tell me
where we went wrong


Bup ba da da
Take me back
Bup ba dada
Take me home x2

I wrote this a couple weeks ago, and I'm fourteen, so this is a little departure in tone from normal, but that part of the reason I like it.


Re: Take Me Back

This is PDG, Mr Linusguitar. The lines are tight and the feel runs through the whole of the song. Now if only I had a guitar with me . . . .

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Re: Take Me Back

Broken guitar strings
but I still know my songs

Love this line!

All You Need is Love smile

Re: Take Me Back

"So I just laugh along,with practiced pretense"

Nice write Linusguitar smile For 14 years old you write with a lot of insight.



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