Topic: Which strings?

Hi fellow chordians
                               Advice please,I have a Tanglewood TH 502 semi acoustic and was wondering which strings would suit it best,Electric or Acoustic ? light or heavy ?

now i am a strummer (cant pick yet sad ) and i would say pretty heavy handed, and mostly play ( and i use the word "play" very loosely )oldies 1950`s, rock n roll type of stuff.

Any tips ?

Cheers micky cool

cool Dont Stop Kid Keep Rockin'  !! cool

Re: Which strings?

Hi Micky,

  Well seeing as how that 335 body Semi-hollow has humbucker pickups on it you will need to go with the electrics.  With the other side of your post, likely a medium set of strings would be in order... you might be a bit aggressive for the lights and mediums will give you lots of volume with good sustain.  Don't go broke on strings though as fairly good sets can be had online for around $6-8 USD.  If you've the cash though, you really can't go wrong with Elixers, as they are long lived and the coating lessens the squeak when sliding your barres around.

  Keep on keeping on and Take Care;

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