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I love to play the acoustic guitar, unfortunately I have a tinnitis and I am afraid that if I strum the guitar too loudly it will make my tinnitis worse and this is inhibiting my playing. Doe anyone know the loudest a non-amplified acoustic guitar can get as measured in decibels? I am currently wearing ear attenuators while playing to protect my hearing but I find them annoying and itchy. Please advise.

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I don't know the decibel level, but you can strum and pick without a pick.  It is not as loud and your fingers on that hand will toughen up slightly over time and allow you a little brighter sound later on.  This is how I play and I am happy with the sound.  Good luck.

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Average playing (moderate strumming), I believe it comes out the sound hole at around 88-90 db's but, from your position as a player, only about 75-80 db's reach your ears. As mentioned you can always try some finger style. Also you may want to try practicing in a large room facing away from walls so the sound doesn't get reflected back to you as much. Best of luck! -Pix

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i also have hearing probs so was wary about taking up guitar again,i decided to go ahead with it got an electric, best thing i did,i dont play to loud and most of all enjoy what you are doing.

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Check this out with your audiologist. Don't leave it to chance. Tinnitis in younger people is most often caused by noise - and a lot of it. To be honest, walking through a city centre or even being in a lively restaurant can produce a lot more noise than your guitar. But everyone is different - check it out.

You can also play in front of a curtain that will soak up a lot of the ambient sound. My hearing difficulty is the other way around - I have to have things turned up.

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