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With some very helpful advice from Chordie members Iv managed to record a couple of songs. Whilst not quite ready to release these to an unsuspecting public quite yet, it would be useful to be able let chordie members (who have been previously warned and signed the agreed waiver on any effect on their sanity) hear them so that I can take on board their comments (the legal ones at least).

I record on a Roland Boss CD 900. How do I get the song on line to the Chordie forum ?

If you could keep the explanation very simple it would help as I think I have a unique technical learning disability or put another way Im just not very bright.

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Mikeshead you will need two things a program like Audacity or Reaper to convert them to mp3's and a online site like myspace or soundclick to upload them to all you have to do is provide a link to the site this is a link to Audacity a free program just download it … 9156694511
next you will need to open a band or artist account with myspace or an account with soundclick both are also free,and finely if you download the audacity program I have a link at the bottom of this post to medifire that has free tutorials on how to use it,everything from the chords you will need from your boss 900 to the computer and how to make a mp3  if you need any help with any of this give a shout here smile

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  Also don't dismiss opening your own Mediafire account for those projects and files that you don't want to necessarily want to put out there for everyone in the world to access.  Files parked in mediafire can be restricted to only those individuals that you feel comfortable sharing the key with, and is of particular help when passing large files back and forth, as in the collaboration projects.

  Pleased to see you are taking a jab at the recording thing, and am looking forward to hearing your stuff..... just a reflection here,  I have noticed that everyone here on Chordie are very kind in their comments when reviewing other's work.  So you are in good company, and may be assured that comments will be constructive and not as painful as most of us fear.  We are our own worst critics, and you should be commended for taking this first step.... Goodonya!

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Many thanks again Russell,
your explanation was great

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Thanks for your advice Doug,

Yes, Im sure any comments  will be constructive. So far the response from Chordie members has been nothing short of superb.

By the way way back in the late 70s I was a cadet on a ship travelling from Portland to Japan back and forth. Portland was one of my favourite cities in the world... beautiful and so relaxed. Ahh there are some stories I could tell.....