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Hi Chordians,

I recently got a 4-track midi interface to plug in my instruments into my computer. Before that, I was simply using a cheap usb microphone and Audacity to record myself. It was more for educational purposes and practicing (making jam tracks, reviewing my timing, etc..) rather than trying to record arranged music. Now, I want to get more into recording actual music.

I was wondering if there was a way that I could add effects to my guitar and mics in real-time while I record, rather than adding them after I've recorded, using Audacity. What I'd like is to be able hear the playback from my guitar or vocals as I'm playing with the effects that I'm looking for (crucial for recording electric guitar and doing vocal harmonies). This would be helpful to me when I layer different tracks so that I can hear if what I'm doing fits with what's already been laid down previously.

I'd also like to be able to use my computer as a amp if that kind of software exists. I do have an amp, but it's kind of loud when I want to play late at night. Also, I was hoping that there was some kind of effects processor software that could emulate the same sounds given from pedals (reverb, chorus, wah wah).

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


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I like to do a similar thing with hearing the effects but arrived there in a different way. My set up is very effective and not too pricey. I use a Line6 Pocket Pod for effects and a set of Alesis M1Active 320 USB speakers. The speakers have multiple inputs so you can feed both the "amp out" jack as well as the pc sound into them at the same time (this could serve as your makeshift amp as well and they are kick ass PC speakers for all applications). The Alesis speakers also have a front head phone jack (as does the pocket pod). So if you're using a mic you can plug in the head phones at the speakers. They each retail for about 100 US. I also use a Tascam interface but it just for finer control of the inputs and you could get by without it.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Audacity & Amp software

if you look at the new topic on propelllerhead in this forum there is a beta testing program for a new program called record and it has all the effects that you would want as you play smile

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do a google search for guitarfx and you should find some software to make your computer work like an amp...i tried 1 a long time ago and had a delay when i played...turning off some processes helped that...

I use adobe audition and i can use vst effects in real time while recording...not sure about audacity...
using  something like a pod like geo does for recording would probably get you alot better sound the vst effects dont seem to have the same punch...IMO

here is an amp simulator vst...havent tried it myself … simulators

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Great! Thanks for your replies and advice. I'll check out the different suggestions.