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hi all

does anyone know where i can find the 'cake walk' program??, its used on tracks where each instrument or voice can be be muted or manipulated



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Hi Cliff, and greetings from the Pacific Northwest (USA).

  I believe that the software titled "Cakewalk" was gathered up by  Roland.... although I heard that it was originally a Voyetra product.  Try

  Sorry I don't know where you can get a free copy.  A lot of us use Reaper or Audacity which are low cost alternatives with good results although they are not as "user friendly" which means you have to study up and practice a bit to get the hang of making your music projects really "shine".

  Russell Harding has a few tutorials available here on this forum for those wanting to get a jump-start on Audacity.  You might check them out for an idea of their capability.

Take Care;

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Ha CJ! cool

For free softwares, listen to the guys here; they know Audacity (which is free) and can help you along.

I believe that Cakewalk is now known as Sonar! I don't know about free copies availability, I do know there is a version given away with certain hardware (same way you can get Cubase LE), so you can probably find a free version to download without making a purchase!

Hope this is helpful!

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