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Topic: Who is using the iPhone App?

Hi, I am new to the site, and am using an Iphone for my Chordies. Wondering how I can make it work so that the songs I have in my iphone library are the same as the ones in my laptop library?  Also wondering how to make my laptop and iphone communicate with each other with chordies? If I find a good song with my laptop, how can I send it to my iPhone? Appreciate any help with this one. Thanks.

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Sorry Diatonic that you seem to not have much help on this yet.....  Thought I'd post to it and see if bumping it up the list might help.

  Not using the iPhone myself, but I do have a resident computer professional in the family, if you persist in not getting answers, drop me an e-mail and I'll see if Devon has a remedy to share.

  By the way.... Welcome to Chordie!

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Re: Who is using the iPhone App?


I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but someone asked a related question awhile back and I posted some info about an iPhone app (My Songbook) which is available through the iTunes App store.  This iPhone app support files which use the Cordpro format which is also used here on Cordie.  Here's the link to that thread for more info....

This app doesn't sync files directly from your PC to the iPhone, but it does provide a few different ways of transferring files from your PC to the iPhone via your webmail account or if you have a website where you can upload/store files.  You can also access Cordie.com from within the app and download songs directly from here.


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I realise that I am a new user here, but it would be nice if whoever deleted, what I consider to be, my helpful post in this thread, would have the decency to pm me, to let me know why.


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^Oric - I am the one who deleted your post and will send you an email explaining my actions shortly.

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Much obliged   smile