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tongue i think that the fender stratocaster electric guitar is a great way to start electric.  i can play all sorts of awesome blues licks, power chords, and arpegios.  if you're a begginer,or know someone who is, the fat strat pack with a 15G frontman amp is a great guitar package that will last a while.  i'm looking for a newwer, cooler instrument though, and i don't no if i should buy a new guitar...  what do you think?

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The package you mentioned as a beginners package and is usually a very cheap guitar not only price wise. Check the body and see if it is not laminated plywood. Either way it is a bottom of the line guitar. That's not to say that you can't learn on it as you say you have. They are made to be corner kickers (when intrest is lost it sits in the corner collecting dust) you or the parent is not out $850.00 american for that American made strat.

With that said I've seen people that can smoke on just about guitar it is there talent not the instrument or effects. Youy asked the question what do we think, should you buy a new guitar?  Can you afford one? Do you want one? What is cool to me may not cool for you or your style. Play them all and find one that you like.

I just can't get away from strats or strat type guitars. Of my 14 guitars (current and adding) I have 7 strat types (3 Fenders, 1 Washburn, 1 Series 10, 2 Bootleggers,(I made them) and a 1964 Fender Mustang.

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<font face="Century"></font><font color="blue"></font>I really like Fender Stratocaster guitars but the Strat in the Strat pac is in name only...Fender makes some of the very best instruments and also some of the worst...If you really want a Fender Strat then look at the MIM (made in Mexico) Stratocasters...they are well made, sound good and are reasonbly priced...especially used. Like any Strat, they can be upgraded and hotrodded if you later decide to experiment with different sounds. Strats are also one of the most copied instruments and there are lots of really good imports and custom built Strats...  Most of the cheaper package units are laminated (plywood) bodies with cheap electronics, poor finishing, poor set-up, and are usually built in China or Indonesia (Although some excellent imports are made in both!)

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ihave usa strate & mex state & thats just as good .ive had lots of guitars but allways go back to my state . to me thats the tool to get that u.s.a.state.

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I've always thought that if you give a Strat Pack to a teenager they'll go 'hooray!', crank it up, thrash away, have fun, bash it about and make a big mess of the finish long before they eventually outgrow the instrument.

With an adult player they'll be listening more over-critically and getting picky about a particular sound. The adult will be checking out the setup and trying to care for the guitar and realise that it's not quite up to it.

Different approaches, the enthusiasm of youth versus the knowingness of age.

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man i got some advice from a few pretty cool people not long ago dude they said that if you like the guitar and it suits your playing style and ability you should get the guitar,personally i think a strat is great for any body but its also good to keep your options open. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_cool.gif" border=0 alt="Cool">

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I sold my strat (it was a grey eric clapton model) .I used the money for a gibson. I dont regret the gibson but do miss the strat. one day I will have another strat

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