Topic: Attention Crevs.1972! Question about your EJ-200

Hey Crevs.1972, I see on your Chordie signature that you play an EJ-200.  How's the action on that?  I've been thinking of getting a big boomer of a dreadnaught to replace my folk body beginner guitar (Yamaha F100).  The Yamaha will live on as my campfire guitar, but I want a big boomer that I can mic. 

The EJ-200 gets great reviews in all of it's formats (A/E, Elvis version, etc.), but no one mentions the action.  I'm hoping for a somewhat low action guitar, which is why I want a big box.  A low action can somewhat reduce volume because banging things out on it will create buzz, and a big box seems to help.  I should have bought that cedar Tacoma when I saw it...  (smacking self on head)

Anyway, let me know what you think. 

Any other EJ-200 users chime in too. 


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Re: Attention Crevs.1972! Question about your EJ-200


I hang out a the local guitar store more than I should and they just got a EJ-200 in and I played it the other day, just for the heck of it. I didn't plug it in but I can check it out some more and give you an opinion. It seemed to play really nice and the action was good. I may get a chance this afternoon.

Later, Wayne P

Re: Attention Crevs.1972! Question about your EJ-200

Hey Zurf,

A family member recently left his Epi EJ-200 at my place while in the middle of a move. I got the chance to try it out and I gotta say it's a great guitar for the price.

I normally play a Guild GAD-50 that has rosewood back/sides and a spruce top so I'll compare it to that. I'd say that the Epi is pretty bassy but still stays in a more mid-range tone compared to the Guild. I think the Epiphone has maple (laminate i believe) back/sides with a spruce top which probably accounts for the more treble-y tone. In any case, the mid-range sound blends in well with other instruments and you can also make it cut through in your leads. It's pretty versatile in terms of sound.

For the neck, it's a little wider and more flat than I'm used to, but it isn't anything that I couldn't get used to after a few songs. The neck is decently fast for picking/lead and I'd recommend the extra width if you've got bigger hands. However, if you're used to something thinner, it might not suit your taste.
For the action, the set-up was pretty well done by the store where he bought it from. Just the right tension for no buzz and not having to be Hercules to form a chord. Of course, that can vary, depending on the luthier...

All in all, I felt it was pretty comfortable to play but I'm not sure if it would be my first purchase for that price range. I think you can get a Seagull S-6 for about the same price, if I'm not mistaken. I recommend checking the Seagull out too if you can find one. I think the best thing to do after you get some more info is to go out, find one, and give it a strum or two.


Re: Attention Crevs.1972! Question about your EJ-200

Hello Zurf,

Yip I've had mine for about 10 months and I love it, the biggest problem is putting it down once you've picked it up.

Regarding the action, I have about a 2.5mm gap between the Low E and 12 fret which is where I like it to be at, it was about 3.5 mm when I bought it but as I've replaced the strings I've sanded the saddle a little at a time.  I recently replaced the plastic saddle with a bone one and the action has gone up a fraction to just under 3mm but it's sounds great and the notes just ring and ring and ring.

The sound seems well balanced, the trebble is particulalry good and you can here all sorts of high end sounds but the big body helps boost a big booming bass to balance.

I have experimented with strings and 13's sound amazing and certainly suit the guitar but I've settled for 12's as a compromise with ease of playing!

My advice would be get one!  I also read that Noel Gallagher of Oasis often refers to his old EJ as sounding better than his Gibson J200??

On the down side, it's a big guitar but then again, good things come in big packages!

Hope this helps but drop me a line if you want any other info.

PS sorry it's in mm not inches.

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Re: Attention Crevs.1972! Question about your EJ-200

ave got the  epi j200 too! and love it!!! i use the 12`s Gibson j200 strings

cool Dont Stop Kid Keep Rockin'  !! cool

Re: Attention Crevs.1972! Question about your EJ-200

Ive got one too and it's my primary guitar. I have other ones but its all I play. Actions great on mine. I have no complaints

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