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I've been playing guitar for a little while but never really bothered writing any songs until my fiance nagged that I've never written one for her. So, I bashed one up and here's the result:

Feedback greatly appreciated!

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Well, I am having issue understanding much more than the chorus, but it's pretty cute!  My husband keeps asking me to write him a song too, and I haven't been able to yet.  I finally learned how to play one that he asked me to.

I really like the chord progression, the song has a nice feel to it!  smile

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Hi Chris,
Nice to meet you.  I'm kinda there with mekidsmom.  Your vocals are weak so I didn't get as much out of the singing as I should.  I do like the melody.  Your guitar work is excellent.  Much better than my ancient strumming.  All in all though, not a bad first effort.  You can be proud of what you've created.

Good work sir,

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Hi chrisbarrett87
Welcome to Chordie and the song writing forum.
Great to hear from: some new songwriting members.
First attempt at song writing eh.... Well it's fine. Nice job with the picking and vocals. Practice is the key I'm sure you know. smile Hope to hear more from you in the future.

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hi chris i had trouble with the vid freezing so i could'nt feel the full impact of the song,but from what i did hear you have a great sound.....stay cool

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Hello Chris,

Your wee song is great.  A good catchy chorus is always a winner with me..I was singing it
before it ended.

Very well done..

Old Doll.

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Thank you for all your kind comments - very encouraging and appreciated, means a lot to me! Thank you

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Can't get the audio on this, Chris. I'll try again.

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