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Topic: "I Love You" my first song.

im 14 and i have had 5 lesson of guitar, i had a sudden urge to write a song and so i sat down and gave it a shot. im hoping to be able to record it soon and have it up for those people who asked. thanks(:

here it is, im sick so sorry for the bad singing(:

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Re: "I Love You" my first song.

Hi ronnixoxo
Welcome to Chordie and the songwriting forum.
Nice to see you've got your head around the Chopro format.
Can't beat a good love song and this has got the makings of one.
Would like to hear the melody etc you got in mind so hope you are able to record it at some point.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: "I Love You" my first song.

hi ronnixoxo welcome to chordie,for your first post and first song its brilliant,it looks like we will have to keep an eye on your posts for what surprise we get next,well done.....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

Re: "I Love You" my first song.


Its excellent young lady... 1st song ! Very well done indeed.. Your a Citóg also [ lefthanded ]

There has to be more where that song came from !

Old Doll.

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