Topic: mystery marking on a tab

Hello  I just looked at an Eva Cassidy tab (Wade in the water)
the 3rd line reads,  E7--1000xx--E    Does any one know what the
1000xx means?   Thank you   mark996owl

Re: mystery marking on a tab

That doesn't look like an E7 to me ...

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Re: mystery marking on a tab

No idea.  That's not even remotely an E7.  Or even an E anything.

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Re: mystery marking on a tab

depends... she played a lot of her stuff tuned down a semi-tone, which would make the fretted string an E

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Re: mystery marking on a tab

The Eva Cassidy version I found on YouTube just cycles through the the chords Am, G, F, E7 (each one for two beats)- you can hear them clearly in the intro. It is also a half tone higher meaning the capo is on the 1st fret.
The tab you found is incorrect.
What I think it refers to is that the E7 chord is played twice but with a G in the bass on the 2nd beat. The E chord is a bit "blue", being a a bit Emajor/Eminor. The tab is wrong - it should be E7  E7/G (E7 with G bass)
I suggest playing the E7/G as either 320100 (if you want it E major "blue") or 320000 if you want it more Em
The chord sounds a bit strange on its own but is fine in context.

Re: mystery marking on a tab

could it be an e sharp? play e7, e sharp(with full strum),e?

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