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I'm soon in the market for another computer. So far all I've ever used is the PC and have been recording on cubase with some marginal success. Lately I've considered getting a Mac and using the Garageband software. With this post I'm hoping just to get some opinions, suggestions, warnings, etc. about either. Just feedback I suppose.
Much appreciated.

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I never have used a mac but I have heard of some very good recordings being produced with the garageband software and mac is very dependable from what I can gather smile

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Re: Mac or PC?

I love macs, but I refuse to spend the big dollars they want for one.

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As a huge fan of Logic Studio, I highly recommend a Mac if you can justify spending a few hundred dollars for the premium. I Have a Macbook Pro Laptop, an Apogee Duet Preamp Interface, and Logic Studio, and I find that the sound is really top notch.  Macbook was like $1100, Duet was about $500, and then microphones.  The great thing is that it really is plug and play.  I never have to mess around with error messages and other hassles like that. 

That being said, if you want to go the protools route, you can build a kick-ass system for like $600 bucks and then spend the dinero on MAudio/PRotools.

Logic and Apogee only run on Macs.

Hope this helps smile


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Re: Mac or PC?

Got nothing against Macs myself.... in fact started out on a Mac Classic (long time ago in the stone age for you youngsters).  Anyway had a collision with a PowerMac and buggy OS upgrade that about drove me insane, so jumped ship to the PC crowd.  We've been building our own from parts ever since..... kind of like ordering from the menu at a Chinese Joint, " Ill have the case and powersupply from collumn A, mainboard and processor from B, video card from D, etc.

Then naturally, some "Microserf" decides that we need a new operating system and all those high-zoot components you gathered over the last couple of years are no longer supported in the "new operating system" and none of the drivers work properly so you get to start over again!

But there is an up-side.... PCs cost less, and the boys in Redmond are trying their best to make Windows work as close to Mac OS as humanly possible without getting their pants sued off, so the learning curve is getting steeper!

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