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Hey guys i would love to see ur new songs that u have wrote and i would like to show u mine! Please send them to me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

thanks Hinder_rox07

Here is one of them Called:

Heaven's Too Farby Rhiannon Gilson

Intro:. . .[G] . . .[C]. . .[G]. . .[Em] . . .

Verse 1:

[G]There was a [Em]time when I felt [Am]loved,

[C](Maybe, any-[Am]way),

[G]But then you [Em]left me for someone [Am]else,

[C](You made me [Am]cry),

[G]So you were [Em]just using [Am]me?

[C](I [G]can't believe [Em]you).


[Em]Heaven's too [Am]far from here,

[C]Oh can't you [G]see,

[Em]Heaven's too [Am]far for me,

[C]Why don't you love [G]me?

Verse 2:

[G]You took me [Em]out and we went on a [Am]date,

[C](I won't forget that [Am]time),

[G]We went to [Em]movies and all other [Am]things,

[C](Funny, how you made me [Am]laugh),

[G]You just told [Em]me that you had a [Am]dream,

[C](About us, [G]I never [Em]knew).


[Em]Heaven's too [Am]far from here,

[C]Oh can't you [G]see,

[Em]Heaven's too [Am]far for me,

[C]To say I love [G]you, for ever more.

Verse 3: (Softer tone)

[G]Now you must [Em]promise me one [Am]thing,

[C](That you will always love [Am]me),

[G]And that one [Em]day we will [Am]sing,

[C](Together in hea-[Am]ven),

[G]Now I must [Em]go coz my [Am]prayer,

[C](Has just [G]end-[Em]ed).


[Em]Heaven's too [Am]far from here,

[C]Oh can't you [G]see,

[Em]Heaven's too [Am]far for me,

[C]Why don't you love [G]me?

Verse 4:

[G]I love you; [Em]I love you for-[Am]ever

[C]But you slipped away from [Am]me

[G](And you [Em]just don't [Am]care)

[C]I know that you don't want [Am]me

[G](Any [Em]more, any-[Am]way)

[C]No one will care bout [Am]me

[G]No more, [Em]no more, no [Am]more

[C]No more [G]hea-[Em]ven.

Chorus 3:

[Em]No kisses [Am]in the night

[C]No more hea-[G]ven

[Em]In the [Am]starlight

[C]Heaven's just too [G]far

Hope you like it

Rhiannon (hinder_rox07)

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HeyHey hinder_rox07!  This is a dandy tune and I very much like it even though it is so sad and forlorn.

I took the liberty of 'improving' the coding so that it would appear 'all purdy like'.  Hope you like the result.

One of my recent songs is now on the Friends of Chordie page at MySpace - check it out . . . it is also a song of love, but it is more celebratory than forlorn:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Hope you can get your stuff recorded soon, also.  It is such a bittersweet experience to hear yourself play and sing a song that you have created . . . James

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Hi Rhiannon,

A lovely, though sad song you have created there and it is great that this you have chords for it, it plays very well indeed.

Thank you and well done,


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Re: New Songs

Your lyrics kind of remind me of Janis Ian's <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;" target="_blank">At Seventeen</a> ....very sad. Nice song.

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