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I made a saddle out of a deer antler someone gave me and what a difference it made. I made it pretty quickly and it is not perfect but it sounds much better. I think I am going to order some blanks for saddle and nuts and change a couple of guitars out to bone. I have some more antler to use but I will need some more tools and it is not worth the effort when you can get pre made blanks at a cheap price. If you have not upgraded from plastic saddle and nut I recommend it.

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I put a bone saddle from a blank on my guitar about 6 months ago and I love it.  It really does make a difference in the tone.  I'm guessing the deer antler is made of bone so it should sound about the same.  On my bone saddle blank I used a dremel tool to shape it and it didn't take long at all.

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I've not tried to make a nut or saddle from antler yet, but I have used both bone and antler in decorative inlay work for another project.... of the two I think antler is a bit harder than cow femur, which makes sense as it it used defensively during rut and has to be tough enough to withstand severe impact and torque without breaking.

Both seem to work well using tools designed for cutting metal, such as jewlers saws and pattern files.  Finishing with silicon carbide abrasives and polishing like if it was soft stone or metal.  I'd really like to see if it could be done with something like Agate or Obsidian, but I'm thinking that they might be prone to chipping and making sharp surfaces that might cause string failure. 

Might be fun to give it a try though.... perhaps when I've fully retired and have waaayyy too much free time on my hands!?!

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