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i've got an acustic guitar. how do i no if its in tune or not????

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Your best bet is to invest in an electronic tuner. They can be bought for $10 at most music stores though the decent ones run $20-25...

If you don't have access to a tuner you can still use relative tuning which is tuning the guitar to itself without an accurate starting point... To save myself a lot of typing explaining how to do this, I'm going to give you a link that covers it wink … tself.html   Keep in mind that if you use relative tuning you're not going to be tuned to standard (440) tuning so the chords you play will be off key but they will work together because you're still technically "In Tune".   Just don't be alarmed if the songs you play sound slightly different than the original versions using this technique. Hope that helps!

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Re: Tuning the guitar

try one of those clip on tuners, its always right there at your fingertips whenever you feel the need to check if you are in tune or not. I lthink they are great

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Re: Tuning the guitar

LoL!! Someone lend me device to tune it and i can't remember its name.

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Hi alviskleen,Iguess someone lent you a tuner of some sort.get back in touch with them. If you plan to keep playing you should do as guiatarpix says and get an electronic tuner. I would also recommend learning how to tune it with out a tuner.

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Re: Tuning the guitar

I agree with the previous posts that you should invest in a guitar tuner. You really don't need anything fancy or exotic, just a basic tuner and shouldn't cost very much. Also if you have access to a keyboard or piano, you can tune to the corresponding notes on it.

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Re: Tuning the guitar

Hi Alviskleen

Most guitar websites now have online tuners.  While they may not be the best answer they will help you to get your guitar roughly in tune.
Try this one


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