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I just posted on "how old are you"  and explained how I got re-intrested in the guitar.  So I need your opinions.  The electric I bought is an Epiphone Les Paul 100. 

Your opinions on this guitar............

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Nothing wrong with it. 

Epiphone is the lower line brand for Gibson.  They make good guitars. 

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Re: Opinions please

Good guitar, it maybe a bit top heavy

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I'm not a fan of bolt ons for a Les Paul (as the 100 should be), it's the snob in me, I know.
I haven't had an Epiphone myself, but I did know a chap that had one (standard) and was forever cursing that it wouldn't stay in tune.  He picked up my Vintage v100 (Peter Green model) and from there on tried to convince me to swap.  I declined smile

In the end if it works for you then it's all good.

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Those are nice guitars. It's really unfair to compare one in that price range to something like a Gibson Les Paul Standard, but when properly set up those Epiphones are a good value and a very playable guitar. I bought an Epiphone 100 LP off ebay about a year ago...restrung it and played for a while and then sold it (very cheap) to some neighbor kids who have a heavy metal band. If you like your guitar then play and enjoy it and don't worry about what others might think...I'm sorta of a collector and guitar snob, but I love seeing some of the Professionals playing instruments that snobs look down upon. You couldn't hardly give a Dan Electro away until Jimmy Page appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone with one!

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