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Hi all, I haven't been on much recently. My wife, who has lukemia, and I have moved from NE PA to her father's place in Barhamsville, VA, which is west of Williamsburg. He dad is 86 and her daughter and son-in-law are here and her son and his family  live about 100 yards away and her sister lives 10 minutes away. So this is a good situation for her. I don't kow if I'll handle the heat very well or find a new church to pastor,or not it's all up to God right now.

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Welcome to the Old Dominion.  You will be able to stand the heat.  If not, head to the mountains for a bit.  I am heading to just east of Williamsburg for a few days vacation in June. 

Virginia's got a fair number of sinners despite the influence of the Moral Majority (said with tongue firmly in cheek).  I expect even if you don't find a church to lead, you'll be a tremendous pastoral influence on those around you.  Pastor isn't something you do.  It's something you are.  That said, I hope you find something so that you'll have an income. 

Best of luck.  Doing right by your wife when she's ill... that's a very good thing.

- Zurf

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Thanks Zurf

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Best Wishes to you and your Wife Butch, I'm sure things will work out just fine for you. I think it's great that she not only has such an understanding Husband in you, but it will be good for her to have her Family around her during this time. Good luck luck yo you all and may God touch you in this time of need.


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Prayers going up for ya Butch!!!!!

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

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A generous action on your part, Butch, made for the best of reasons.
I pray you find strength to continue leading your family and finding the very best situation for them even at your own discomfort.
I respect your decisions, sir. You can't go wrong doing the right thing.
I am sure your in-laws will do their best to support you and your beloved wife in these difficult times.

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I think you did right by your wife and the rest of the family,something will come your way,you have faith so time too use too you and yours butch.

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I wish all the best to your wife. It will be very comforting for her to have her family close by during such a harrowing time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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Your'e a good man Butch. Hope all turns out well for your wife and yourself.
Long distance prayers and best wishes from down under.

All the best

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It sounds like this is just what she needed, being close to her family.  It shows a tremendous amount of love on your behalf to make such a move.  God wiilling, it ends up as a good thing for you as well.  A/C... lots and lots of fake cool air my friend.

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Hope all goes well Butch smile

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Very best wishes to you and your wife, Butch...

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Thanks all