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Topic: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

I know a few basic chords, (C, D, A, G and C2) and still learning, and I know one or two basic songs, but I really want to know the 'ins and outs' of everything guitar playing.

Right now I am 15, female (so slightly smaller hands) and playing a Valaencia TC 13 (so 3/4 of the normal size because I got it when I was about 7 and never really started playing it until now)

I want to know stuff like:
What are the best types of wood for a guitar?
What are the best acoustic and electric guitars?
What should I look for in a guitar when I'm buying one?
What are the best Bass guitars?
What are the major brands?
etc smile

I've always loved older-ish music e.g. Bob Dylan, Hendrix, The Beatles, Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Zepplin, Talking Heads, The Clash, Bjork, Joy Division, Simple Minds, Blondie, Pixies, etc, I like some new music, but mainly into the alternitive genre~

So I really want to know things from an 'insiders' point of view.
I'm all into patience and what not so I know it'll take me a while to be able to play guitar super amaz-balls, but I right now I practice for about 30-50 minutes each day so yeah
Help is much appreciated! smile

jeepers !

Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Not really an "Insider" so to speak but I have opinions (like every one else).

The best types of wood change from person to person. Depends on what kind of sound you expect form a guitar will have the most bearing on what type of wood you want your guitar to be made of.

Again the best types depend on your preferences. Many prefer Fender Stratocasters for their electrics and others prefer Gibson Les Paul's. Then there are those who will only use/buy American Strats or Les Paul's and those who are happy with foreign made Strats and Les Pauls. Much depends on how much you are willing to spend or how much is in your budget. I am in the market for an electric and have played many at music stores. I found that the best guitars for me and my budget are Schecter's and Laguna's. Inexpensive (the ones I am interested in), they feel right and sound right for what I need.

Look for a guitar that "speaks" to you. One that fits you. do research. Play a cart load of them while looking. There are many very expensive guitars out there that, while might look good on your wall, may just do that: Stay on the wall because it does not have the tone, action or even playability (sic?) that you are looking for. My guitar is an Epiphone PR-4G that came in a 200$ package my wife bought for my birthday. She had no idea what to get, it was cheap and looked good to her. I got lucky. I like the sound and when I play with my brother he would rather play mine than his 20 year old, $1000 dollar Gibson dreadnought.

Dont' know about Bass guitars.

Major brands:

Schecter (They also make the Daisy Rock guitars which are sized for females)
Epiphone ( A subsidiary of Gibson)
Squire ( A subsidiary of Fender. Both Epi and Squire tend to be less expensive but that does not mean inferior)
Ernie Ball


Again, don't rely on the brand of guitar but which one fits you the best. There are many off-brands (or not so well known) that are just as good or better than a major brands.

Get opinions if you are in the market for a guitar but the best way to find out which one you want the most is to play a great number of them before you buy. You might be surprised and find out that a $200 guitar speaks to you better than a $1000 guitar.

Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Welcome Joan!!!!!! Let's see if I can shed some light.

Guitars are made from lots of different woods. I wouldn't say there are any "best" types of woods only standard woods that are used today because of their sound qualities. Spruce, Maple, Rosewood, etc.. It's all a matter of taste.

For best acoustic, electric, or basses again there is no hands down "best". Whatever sounds and feels good to you is what you should play. Lots of us play lower end guitars that we absolutely love. Some like the expensive Martins, Taylors, etc...

Lots of Major brands too. If you look at Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, etc. you will see lots of brand names represented.

It sounds like you have a good head about you as you're excited and patient. Good luck on your guitar journey!!!! And remember, at one point we were all in your shoes so we understand what is going on.

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Welcome to the Chordie Family Joan!

Lots of good folks here, and just as many opinions as I'm sure you will soon be aware.  Z has got it about right to my thinking, so I won't expound on the virtues of brands or woods over each other..... it is STRICTLY a matter of the sound that pleases you and feels comfortable to your body and the music you enjoy making (or listening to).

One truth to be aware of right off the bat, is that tossing cubic dollars at an instrument is not going to make you a better musician.
Practice and persistence along with the encouragement of your peers will get you well on the way to wherever it is you want to go with your music.  Chordie is a very good place to get the support and understanding to propel you at whatever pace you desire.

Don't be shy, post often and ask questions no matter that they might seem silly.... We've all been in your shoes and someone will certainly go the extra measure to advise you.

Again Welcome, and
Take Care;

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Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

It also depends on what genre of music you want to play.

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Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Yeah, I guess it does, I'm not really sure yet though. I listed some of the stuff I listen to in my first post, so I guess music like that. So a lot of variety? smile But I suppose mainly rock and alternative x

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Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Hi Joan and welcome to Chordie!  Lots of good questions you have, and my personal opinion is that ... all the answers are personal opinions!  You have tons of time to make your own opinions to answer these questions and I find THAT is the beauty of guitar.  There is ALWAYS something to learn be it a new chord, or what types of wood different guitars are made from and why.  Enjoy the journey and don't rush it.  smile

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Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Welcome joan. It sounds to me that you would want an electric guitar to suit your musical tastes. As said by the others there isn't a best guitar because each of us have different tastes . The woods on a guitar do make a slight difference so you may want to research tone woods to get a better idea of what you may want. As for learning the ins and outs of playing the best place to start is with lessons and practice. Some of us have been playing our whole lifeand still know them all. Just be patient and have fun. Ask questions when in doubt and never give up when you feel as if you can't learn anymore.

Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Hi joan,you got alot of good advice above,welcome to chordie.

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Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

Aw, thankyou everyone for your great advice! smile x

jeepers !

Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

For acoustic, rosewood and mahogany are wonderful sounding woods for the back and sides.  Welcome to Chordie and keep practicing.  Thats the only way to get good.

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Re: Very very new beginner, 15 years old, PLEASE HELP!

hi joan welcome to chordie,i think mostly it depends on the budget to buy one,my first guitar,an acoustic i went for looks and sound,it had two white doves on the finger plates and had a good sound £45,that was 30yrs ago,my next was an accoustic,did'nt sound bad £99 10 years ago,but now my baby is a electro accoustic took me a long while to get it,not the original one i was after which was red with a flame centre,i opted for black but its a lovely guitar £320 three years ago,i have'nt a clue what they were made of but i'm content now,there's plenty of songs on chordie and sites to enhance your learning just enjoy what your doing then it will get better results,i'm still learning,only know about twelve chords on the first three frets,but i can play 90% of the songs i like,and since joining chordie i have wrote 400 songs in four years,so we are all mostly learners,some professionals and help each other to develop and just ask if you need help,have fun....stay cool

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