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Hi all
Another instrumental  smile
I just enjoy the whole process of mixing multi track stuff. Guitars and keyboard etc.
I had the title first The Northern and Southern lights fascinate me though listening to the finished piece maybe it just don't cut it.
Anyway have a listen if you like see what you think.
Thanks for reading/listening

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hi tony,

this is great, really excellent work. must say though i loved universe! triffik


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Re: Aurora

I agree. It's good but I just sit and close my eyes and get lost in The Currents of The Universe.

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Hey Ark smile

Nothing wrong with an instrumental as long it's done right...and you Sir are doing it wayyyy right. smile

Keep at it my friend smile



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Re: Aurora

Hi Phill
Thanks for the listening and the comment.
"Currents" was really mixing exercise with some keyboard thrown to mix pure ambient chillout stuff.
It managed to get in the top 10 on ourstage this month smile so I'm pleased....

Hey Deadstrings
Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.
Glad you could Chillout to the music.

Hi Kenny
I will keep at it for good and or er..not so good smile
Thanks for listening and the comment.