Topic: New strings on the Blueridge today!

Wow!  I didn't realize how bad the strings were on my Blueridge accoustic until I put the new ones on today.  What a pleasing different sound the new strings make.  I am happy!

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Re: New strings on the Blueridge today!

I sometimes wait too long before changing strings myself and when I finally do, man the difference is amazing.  I have gotten used to changing them every 4-6 months lately.  I thinkI can finally tell when they need it.

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Re: New strings on the Blueridge today!

Just think how it'll WOW the old gals at the rest home now. .....................

I change mine frequently Jim.  In fact, my Blueridge got new strings yesterday.


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Re: New strings on the Blueridge today!

What will the old gals think when he shows up with a new G- string. Why do we fall in love all over again with our guitars when we restring them ?


Re: New strings on the Blueridge today!

Bass it's almost like having a new guitar,it has a profound effect on me when I do change them.

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