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Topic: My Troubled Angel

Hey everybody...I'm new to the website so, hello!..Would ya'll look over a song i wrote for a girl a while ago when she was having a rough patch.  I hoped ya'll could tell me what you think.

My Troubled AngelStitcher

Copywrite: Blake Stitcher

INTRO – [E], [A], [G] [F#], [E] [B7], [E]

Verse 1:

She [E]swears that she, just can’t [A]take it anymore,

The way the [D] world is [A] pushin’ down on [E]her.

When both [E] time and the world [A] seem like they’re too much,

That’s when she [D] sees life not like a [A]gift but just a [E]curse.


[E]When she’s fallin’ fast in the troubles of life,

And when her [A]wings to fly won’t spread and nothing’s goin’ right,

I’ll [D]spread my arms to [A]herand

Pull her [E] close so that she won’t fall.

[E] And though her tears may fall down from heaven above,

And the [A] sky cloud over and block out the sun,

I’ll [D] catch her and give her a [A]shoulder on which to [B7]cry,

And I’ll just [A] hold my troubled angel [B7] who can’t [E] fly.

Verse 2:

My [E] Troubled Angel, is [A]freefallin’ down,

Through the [D] dark [A] clouds to the [E] ground.

Her Wings are [E] broken hearted and she [A] can’t spread them to fly,

Come fall in my [D] arms troubled [A] angel, I’ll [E] Love you tonight.



[A] She can’t stop tumblin’ down through the [E] layers of sky

And the [D] clouds [A] part to [G, F#]let her through[E]

Because the [A] loving winds that blow to [E] help her fly

Can’t [D] heal a broken [A] heart over – [B7}night…


That's basically it except for a few add-ins here and there...

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Re: My Troubled Angel

Hello Rooster3 and welcome to chordie!  I like the imagery and message of your song.  Would love to hear the recording when you get it done.  Hope to see more of your stuff when you get a chance.  James

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Re: My Troubled Angel

thats class lyrics right there...seriously i like it...she'll prob love it!*!*

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Sounds great - lyrics kind of remind me of she talks to angels by black crows which is one of my favorite songs. Would love to see/hear the finished product.

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Re: My Troubled Angel

Wow nice song,that should help mend a broken wing.I'm gonna try it again.

Good luck...Badeye.

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Re: My Troubled Angel

Hello Rooster3,

That is a wonderful song you have there and it should melt your ladies heart. I too would love to hear the finished version when you have recorderd it.

I do keep a MySpace site, Friends of Chordie, especially and exclusively for Chordie members to use. You are more than welcome to have it posted there if you wish.

Contact me on: roger4songs@yahoo.co.uk  if you would like to do so.

Well done and thank you,


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Re: My Troubled Angel

Hi Rooster3,

From an Old Doll,   " those words are beautiful "  I have read your words over and over.   I had tears in my eyes at

your understanding of where this lady is coming from ! I don't need to know what age you are , but to me they are

wise words.. "The wisdom of an old soul.." I would buy this song if and when released.  Have you written any more

songs ?.


Old Doll

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Re: My Troubled Angel

Hey  lena.odonovan@gmail.com!  I would have called you by your username but i didn't see another one.. I'm 19 and yes ma'am i've written a few more.  i wrote one for a girl who i knew that donated her hair to an organization that made wigs for those that were undergoing chemotherapy and i've written a few more also...  Thank you so much for your appreciation of my song...I have it posted on another website at countrytabs.com  - here's the link to that page. 
just copy and paste it into the area up top!  When you get to the page, just click on "Stitcher - My Troubled Angel" and it'll come up for you to listen to.  I don't think you have to "save target as" like it says.  I think you can jus clickon it but if not you can "Save target as" and it'll download shortly for you to listen to.  Once again,thank you.

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