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Kind of a sad one, my first effort, hope you enjoy it for what it is.

Who KnewCapo 1st fret  4/4

by Dennis Toll

[Asus4] [G] [D] [Asus4]


Who [A]knew it’d have [G]to end like this,

There’d be no [D]sad goodbyes

There’d be no [A]final kiss.

And if I knew, I would have [G]been prepared,

I could have [Dmaj7]loved you more

You would have [Am]known I cared.

[Fmaj7]But now, [Em7]it all seems too late

Our loves a [Bm]memory

To cause my [Amaj7]heart to ache.

[A]Who Knew[Amaj7]Who Knew [Bm]Who Knew [A]


But [A]you knew, and [G]kept it to yourself

Your secrets [D]deep inside,

Well hidden on [A]some shelf

They caused your heart to break, It tore [G]our lives apart

I could have [Dmaj7]loved you more

You would have [Am]known I cared.

[Fmaj7]And now you’ve finally [Em7]found some peace

I’m left with [Bm]memories

To try and take [Amaj7]your place.

[A]Who Knew[Amaj7]Who Knew[Bm]Who Knew [A]


I should [A]have known that it [G]would end like this,

I should have [D]seen the clues

They were so [A]hard to miss

You tried to tell me then, if I’d [G]only heard,

I could have [Dmaj7]loved you more

You would have [Am]known I cared.

[Fmaj7]Although were parted now, [Em7]I’ll never be alone

You’re with me [Bm]always now

You’ll make [Amaj7]my heart your home.

[A]Who Knew [Amaj7]Who Knew[Bm]Who Knew [A]

Instrumental bridge


And now [A]I know,I’m left [G]here on my own,

Our time has [D]come and gone

My soul comp-[A]letely flown

If I knew, I would [G]have changed some things,

I could have [Dmaj7]loved you more

You should have [Am]known I cared.

[A]Who Knew [Amaj7]Who Knew[Bm]Who Knew[A] [Asus4]

Re: Who Knew

words and chords look good,it would be nice too see a video.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

Re: Who Knew

hi dennis  great lyrics would love to hear it sometime,well done,ps i only play about four of those chords so it makes it harder for me to follow,just play basic,bit too late for me to start learning a load of new stuff,too much wear and tear on the old hands....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool