Topic: Song writing and copyrights?

My daughter has been playing in a band for over a year now, and is doing some great stuff.  She mainly plays the acoustic, but does her bit on keyboards too.

She's now getting into writing her own songs and has come up couple of crackers.  Of course I'm her Dad, so I would think this anyway.

What's the score (ha, pun intended?) with making sure that she keeps the copyright?  I know this seems a little OTT, but they are starting to get quite a rep around the area, and now have their first paid gig coming up.  You never know...

Re: Song writing and copyrights?

To get really good protection, she should get advice from an attorney who specializes in Intellectual Property in your jurisdiction. 

Generally in the U.S., what she needs to do to 'claim' the copyright is to publish it in writing somewhere.  She can do that right here on Chordie in the Songwriting section.  I'm sure there are many other ways of doing it.  A low tech solution that used to be used is to write it down and mail it to herself.  Put the name of the song on the outside of the envelop and don't open the letter until she needs it to prove her claim, and then only in front of a legal witness.  That's what "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" was talking about. 

- Zurf

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