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Topic: New Song - care for nothing

wrote this one fairly quickly about a week ago - and put down some quick demo tracks over the weekend.  I had trouble finding the "song" so to speak, the demos didn't seem right...so Sunday morning this version just came out - and I recorded it quickly with garageband.  I added two overdubs; acoustic and the heavy electric to add some edge.


for those who don't have the time to surf, lyrics and chords below:

care for nothing
Capo 2

Am                        C
I was born in a town small and narrow.
Am                           C
Main street was torn down and new.
Am                 C        G       
The high school headed in, and the hotel headed out,
Am         C                   G
and most…were just getting through.
    F         G        Am

    Snow was deep it was just past Christmas.

    The halo was still hanging out with the moon.

Mama brought me home, to that old house up the road,

one less man hanging round that room.

    Mama moved away to the city,

    with her tow-headed boy on a bus.

Where that man went, she could never say.

And he never came back around for us,

No he never came back for us.

    I’m grown up now down in Toronto,

    got a tow-headed boy of my own.

I was There when he was Given, from his Mother in July,

I’m the only father he’ll ever know.

    Long time ago I decided,

    not to let the sins of someone gone to fall,

down at my feet, and make me stumble,

and keep caring for nothing at all.

You can’t care for someone so small.

Now I work down at the car wash where all it ever does is rain.

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