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Been learning a couple of songs that involves slapping the strings to give a percussive sound , struggling a bit with it I seem to only be able to do it using the outside of my fingers on a downward strum but have seem some tutorials saying to use the palmof the hand , is there a correct way for this or is it just what you find the easiest

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Are you refering to Palm mutes or like what the "kid" did in Augest Rush?  because that has a lot to do with harmonics,, an It defies my ability also. big_smile

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Chop, scratch, palm mute (misnomer by the way cuz you don't use your palm) are all the same. The less change in position your hand has to make the better. That way you can keep your strum going without doing anything that takes too much effort. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll get it. I learned it early and I'm glad I did. Adds a little something to your playing.

This guy does a god job of explaining it. This is the technique I use.

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onenumber7 wrote:

is there a correct way for this or is it just what you find the easiest

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Thanks guys zurf I think you are right and I should stick to rule number 1 it does sound ok so I wont mess around with it

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The first person I think of for this style is 2-time US Fingerstyle Champ, Don Ross. Of course we're proud that he's Canadian (born in Montreal) and moreso that he taught at Dalhousie University here in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a couple of years. Here's an example of a piece he does which has lots of this cool technique on display:


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Wow, that Don Ross is amazing! 

Every once in a while I type in "amazing guitar" in YouTube and watch a few videos.  It keeps me humble.

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I searched in vain for a tube of him breaking a guitar in half. He'll often incorporate a vibrato effect by simply bending it across his body (as he does in the above tube), and is known to have broke a few. Obviously he uses a lot of open tunings to play the way he does, but his palming & slapping techniques are fun to watch and listen to.