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Topic: They just keep comin`


I`ve some questions for you song writers.
i don`t think that i`m a song writer,but the strangest thing has been happening to me.
In this part of the world Xmas is in summer,but we still seem to sing the trad songs about snow ect
So i asked our uke group to write a New Zealand xmas song,they where horrified at the thought.
any how to carry on the story  Next day (don`t think i had a head injury or anything during the night)
i wrote my first song, then my second, then my third, then my forth, then my fifth. all this in 1 hour.
Since then they are just pouring out of me,don`t know from where they come?
They are just there,i write it down, it`s all done super quick!
Put chords to a few so far, but having trouble keeping up.

Is this the way it works for you? how do you write a song? do they come quick & complete?
look forward to your comments.  B..

Up to 76 songs/poems now.  this is 2mths effort,don`t know where it`s coming from but it`s
a great trip.  two things i have noticed though,only come when @ work,and i`ve been listening
to classical music radio station.  Go Figure?

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Re: They just keep comin`

That's how I write too. Nothing for months or years then a torrent.

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Re: They just keep comin`

Refer` yesterday was a long night` on songwriting forum
this is a half a days effort,wrote  4 of these in one day  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And still they come

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Re: They just keep comin`

I usually get the words, sometimes just a couplet, sometimes a verse, first. It's the building on that base that varies; sometimes it's a quick job and sometimes I can't add to the beginning for weeks or months.

Then I have to find the chords without ripping off other songs... That's the hardest part for me.

Re: They just keep comin`

hi, i've always found that if i try and write a song it comes out eventually, it's hard work and rubbish, so i don't bother. what i do, do is (usually) when i'm in the shower or just waking up in the morning a line or two will spring into my mind, from where i don't know, i try and remember the words till i get down stairs and into my studio (it's just the front room really) and write them down. then i forget about them. sooner or later i'll be strumming a few chords and i'll get something interesting, then i'll look for some words, and there you are.
other times they'll come together then it's usually time to work out the chords. it's a dirty job, but.....

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