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I am actually leaving tomorrow.  I have a work trip to go on... so, don't miss me too much!

smile  It's the Martin's first recording, but of course the strings are pretty dull and need changed.  Maybe this way no one will mess with it when I'm gone (yeah right).

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Sounds great!

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You will be missed more than you can know!  We all have missed having you sing something for us, so thanks for the little present before you left.  I liked it, as I have everything I have heard you do.  Travel Safe!

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nice   sound

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Amy great job,I love your voice. I guess you are coming going to flordia or coming too calif. on your trip.

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Amy - your voice is angelic as usual, but I'm really digging the slap chop muting rhythm strumming - I think that's new to your repertoire since I saw you last summer?

Looking forward to seeing / hearing you in a few weeks!

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