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I used to dream of someone
Someone sweet and full of love
But I couldn’t find anyone
Not even my mom

I looked everywhere
And I couldn’t find her
Until one day she replied
With god blessing the earth
I am now in her garden
A beautiful pink bloom
Which she will look after
And I love her too

I love her to death
She is such a dear
I wish I could tell her
How I feel

Im wishing that she will pray
For me, my mom and ma dad
Seeing her words on my songs
Makes me feel really proud
I love her with my heart
I wish she could understand
My love for everyone will never die
Love is to strong to put into words

I used to dream of someone
Someone sweet and full of love
I couldn’t find anyone
Except for old doll

Old doll i hope you like this as much as roger like his...
love you always!
Rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Follow your heart
It usually makes the right decisions <3

Re: My old doll

Hi Roxo7
What a beautiful song.  Thank you Darlin for such lovely words.
When I said "I'd hold my Breath for your next song, i never thought it would be for me"!

"I am only one  ,But i am one. I cannot do everything,
But i Can do something, and what i should do and can do
By the grace of God I will!"

Your plant looks beautiful here in the bright sunlight of today..
I am so pleased we have "little diamonds "like yourself, in our next generation!
Have a lovely Day.
With your permission i will frame the words, and keep in my music room!
Día Linn  { God to You }

Old Doll.

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Re: My old doll

Well Rhiannon,

You have been a busy young lady. I know a certain Irish lady that is going to be as overjoyed and tearful as I when she reads this. You are very thoughtful and kind and I am sending you a great big hug.


"Do, or do not; there is no try"

Re: My old doll

Well done.Two beautiful songs for two beautiful poeple. I havent met you both but I can tell. My wife and I are all packed and off to the Beatles weekend. After a few hours drive down the Yellow Brick Road to a Strawberry Field. Should be lots of fun.

Have a great day....Badeye.

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Re: My old doll

Rox07, you have a lyrical knack and a keen sense of aim for your songs.  I enjoy reading your beautiful ballads - I wish I had started to write songs when I was young.  James

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Re: My old doll

thankyou all roger i give you a big hug to!! lol Old doll im glad you liked this song
thanks alot lovin you always!

Rhiannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Follow your heart
It usually makes the right decisions <3