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Interesting article. Makes me want to do a comparison myself.

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ya that was a good write on that subject,Yamaha already makes a good line of insterments,I love mine.

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Interesting piece. I am looking into it further, thank you.


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Really interesting.

Yamaha was once known for only making entry-level instruments, and it's great to see how far they've advanced. Their production today is very high quality, and this kind of commitment to R&D is one of the reasons why. A nephew of mine who is a classically trained pianist, tells me their pianos are amongst the best in the world. The process "sort of" reminds me of how they produce pressure-treated lumber for rot resistance.

Good read, Z ... thanks for posting.

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You can also make diamonds out of coal...

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At my age I'm more intrested in the pills that make old wood like new.