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I like the blues, I like myths and fables - so here is an attempt to marry the two together.
Based upon the fable of 'The Elephant and the Blind Men' this version has some embellishments that are my own creations.  It is very long, but also very lively . . .

'The Truth': A Fable in BluesJames McCormick, June 13, 2007

slow 12-bar blues

[G]Once upon a time, way [G]back when time was new

A [G]King was sitting on his throne, [G7]feeling a little blue

He said, "I've [C7]lived a life of opulence, I've [C7]lived a life of ease.

I [G]am a man of consequence.I [G]do just what I please.

It's [D7]all been very pleasant, but now I'm [C7]getting long of tooth.

And be-[G]fore I go beyond this world, I want to know 'The [D7]Truth'."

. . . .

He said, "[G]Summon my philosophers, all the [G]elders and wise.

[G]Bring them into my presence, so I can [G7]look them in the eyes."

So a [C7]call went out across the land, for [C7]gurus, sages and seers,

And [G]mathematicians, astronomers and phy-[G]sicians to appear.

And when [D7]all the finest minds were [C7]under one big roof,

He said, "'The [G]Truth' is what I'm after, and you will give me [D7]proof!"

. . . .

At [G]first there was great cheering, big [G]smiles all around

'We're [G]all so very smart here, so the [G7]answer will be found!'

But [C7]once they started working, the [C7]rifts they did appear

Those [G]experts just kept arguing, a con-[G]sensus was not clear

It [D7]started to get nasty, and [C7]tempers they did flair

There was [G]pouting shouting shoving and biting and lots of pulling of [D7]hair.

. . . .

The [G]experts did do battle, and the [G]meeting went amok

The [G]timid and defenseless were [G7]simply out of luck

[C7]Egos were bruised, insults were hurled, and [C7]reputations trashed

[G]Casualties were mounting and [G]lots of stuff got smashed

Spec-[D7]tators gathered to point and gawk and [C7]see the big melee

And [G]that was the beginning of the first universi-[D7]ty!

. . . .

[G]Meanwhile on the fringe, there [G]sat a wizened crone

[G]Elegant and mysterious, and se-[G7]renely all alone

The [C7]King admired greatly how she was [C7]far above the fray

He re-[G]spectfully introduced himself saying, "[G]Help me Lady, I pray."

She [D7]looked him in the eye, and he [C7]knew 'The Truth' was there

She said, "[G]Fetch me seven blind men and an elephant, if you [D7]dare."

. . . .

[G]Meanwhile all the experts con-[G]tinued their debate

But there [G]wasn't any dialogue, just hot [G7]air as they did orate

The [C7]crowd did mostly drift away, but some [C7]young people hung around

[G]Jeering at the experts and [G]lolling about on the ground

[D7]Somebody did propose that the [C7]show shouldn't be for free

So they [G]started charging tuition in exchange for fancy de-[D7]grees

. . . .

[G]Many moons did pass while the [G]elephant made its way

From e-[G]xotic lands of jungles far a-[G7]cross the turbulent sea

When the [C7]animal did finally arrive, not a [C7]cloud was in the sky

Seven [G]blind men were invited, but they had [G]no idea why

The [D7]crone she told them each to [C7]go and touch the thing

Then [G]please come back and describe 'elephant' for the [D7]King.

. . . .

[G]Meanwhile all the experts they were [G]busy as the bees

[G]Buzzing about their theories and [G7]forming committees

"We are [C7]making steady progress, but this [C7]process will take years.

So you [G]need to give us tenure to e-[G]liminate our fears.

And we [D7]need some proper buildings, on [C7]that we all agree.

[G]Something with many towers overgrown with pretty iv-[D7]y."

. . . .

So [G]one at a time the blind men did [G]valiantly feel their way

'Til they [G]finally each encountered the [G7]'elephant' mystery

Every [C7]man happened to touch it in a [C7]totally different spot

Then [G]one by one they told the King the [G]knowledge that they got

Their im-[D7]pressions were all quite different as I'm [C7]sure you will agree

As they [G]whispered to the King about their discove-[D7]ries

. . . .

The [G]fellow who felt a leg said, "[G]Elephant is a tree."

The [G]one who touched the tail, "'Tis a [G7]rope in the sky clearly."

The [C7]guy who touched the side, "It's just a [C7]wall for heaven's sake."

The [G]toucher of the trunk said, "Ele-[G]phant is a giant snake."

The [D7]guy who grabbed an ear said, "It's a [C7]leather tapestry."

The [G]one who touched a tusk said, "It's a statue obvious-[D7]ly!"

. . . .

Then the [G]seventh man did take his turn [G]out there in the sun

But he [G]never did find the elephant, for he [G7]stepped in a pile of dung

It [C7]mushed there all between his toes and [C7]stunk so horribly

The [G]man let out an anguished scream at the [G]utter indignity

Well, the [D7]elephant was so frightened that it [C7]started to stampede

[G]Running all around the place stomping indiscriminate-[D7]ly

. . . .

[G]Everybody was terrified and a [G]panic did ensue

[G]Chaos did erupt and the con-[G7]fusion quickly grew

The [C7]poor elephant continued in [C7]rampaging frenzied fear

[G]Bellowing so loud and tromping on [G]anything that was near

The old [D7]King was just too slow to [C7]get out of the way

And the [G]elephant stepped upon him wounding him mortal-[D7]ly

. . . .

Well, the [G]King he lay there bleeding with a [G]smile upon his face

The [G]crone knelt down beside him and [G7]offered her embrace

She said, "[C7]Sire, I'm so sorry for [C7]all this horrible mess.

I [G]merely wanted to show you 'The Truth', please [G]pardon the distress."

Then the [D7]King said, "Oh Dear Lady, this has [C7]been so very sweet.

I [G]finally understand 'The Truth' and my life is now com-[D7]plete."

. . . .

The [G]King he did then die with a [G]big old happy grin

The [G]crone went back to her village and [G7]never was seen again

The [C7]elephant went charging off in-[C7]to the wildest woods

The [G]blind men became celebrities, en-[G]dorsing luxury goods

[D7]Meanwhile all the experts from their [C7]ivied tower views

[G]Theorized that elephant would make excellent bar-b-[D7]que!

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Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Gosh James, thats fantastic!
I just did not want it to end!
I just kept getting visions of all the committee meetings i ever attended, all our so called " TOWN PLANNERS"?.

All the Ass H...s, running our Countries? Running around Totally  indifferent to Their  People!, and  what they are really their for?.  All To busy watching their own Backs and as useless as Ashtrays on Harley Davidsons !

"Your a breath of fresh Air! Keep up the good works".

Old Doll.

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Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

wow!! that's something else!! brilliant

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Thanks, Old Doll and hopeful!  Glad you like it - the idea of setting old fairy tales and fables to music has me quite fascinated.  I'm going to try doing some more soon.  James

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Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

A great story weaved together with some funky blues chords, how sweet it is. Shoot James, this one you need to turn into a video I think. Another job well done!

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Washington Commanders fan (unless they change their name again) ...long story...HTT...C

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues


Did you always know, That She would be,
Your Treasure for eternity,
A twinkling gem like stars above,
To give you never ending love.

Did She look at you when first you met,
Feel expectation on her breath,
And know this Man in future years,
Would nurture her and their Chackra tiers.

Its rare you know your kind of union,
Blessed so high from Gods Dominion,
Both took your fate with ease and grace
Hand in hand at loves slow pace.

May you always know each others souls,
Like steps to the jive in Rock and Roll,
So lead each other onward now
To dance the same steps 24 years from now.....

Badeye as i cannot send you both a big bunch of my favourite flowers " Stargazer Lillies" Here are some words for you both for your 24th Wedding Anniversary!.  One request please? Someone to sing" Hank Williams" You're My best friend", as this is the song i sing at wedding Celebrations!.  Have a great Party with family and friends!

Old Doll.

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Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Thank you, very touching.


one caper after another

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

that's really nice old doll, very much admire yours and james' talents

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Thank you hopeful,
But i do always manage to get 1 spelling wrong? Maybe that could be my trademark? lol!  Enjoy your day!
Old Doll

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Jets, thanks for the feedback on my song!  I didn't realize it would turn out to be such an epic when I got the idea - but it just kept growing.

Old Doll it would be best if you put new lyrics into their own thread so that other users can locate and comment on each song individually.

Could you re-post "Treasure" into its own topic?  Just go to 'Songwriting' main page, and hit 'new topic' at upper right corner.  "Treasure" certainly is a gem and certainly deserves its own thread in the Songwriting forum.  Thanks, James

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Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

I Love It. I love the blues also an this is just a great song for the chords...GREAT JOB MAN!

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Thanks, Rooster3 - I had a blast writing this one.  Hope to do some more fairy tales soon.

"That darn Pythagorean Comma thing keeps messing me up!"

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

Hi James

As you are thinking of working on more fairytales!  Would you like try this one?

One i learned at my first teachers knee!
"The  Children of Lir" An Irish Legent,   When we still believed in Magic, Druids, and spells?  { I still do } I have a beautiful Print given to me many years ago, "Swans and woman at the Waterside"
By Pauline Bewick.
It is magnificent! Always reminds me of"The Children Of Lir".
As you have been to my country and have a feel for the people, I throw down the Gauntlet young Man!  Yours in anticipation? It should be no problem to you?

Old Doll.

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !

Re: 'The Truth': A Fable in Blues

That is great James,

The guitar was still out from "Justifiable Bigdummyside" so I have just given it a thrash. Fingers are sore but it was great fun particularly as I do not normally do blues.

Thank you,


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