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I used to love wrestling on tv when I was younger. I think it has gone way over the top in recent decades. But now I'm thinking these people get a bad wrap.
I think someone was cutting onions near me when I watched this.

This thing is awesome! … hole-trees

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Those onions are a problem, they got to me too.


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Very touching and heartfelt moments kind of puts things in perspective as to whats important damm onions

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That first one was nice.

The second..... Awesome, but around these parts we just call them "Stump Grinders".  First I've seen mounted on a Track-Hoe though.
Darn another great idea that I didn't have!!  Gotta really like that 100M clearance label though, at the speed the cutter is running I can easily see it tossing shards out to that distance.


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