Topic: 1914-18. honour or greed?

The first world war broke out 100 years ago this week, I've watched TV programmes showing the horrors, mistakes and the general mis-management and stupidity of the generals. How they sent the men under their command to die to make themselves look like the new Alexander. Many men pannicked, but waiting for them behind the lines were men with revolvers with orders to "shoot the cowards" Others were hanged or faced the firing squad. In recent years many have been pardoned, bit late, a hunderd years too late. I am also questioning the motives of the governments and buissnessmen concerned. There is always profit in war, the only losers are the combatants.

1914-18. Honour or Greed.

Far in the distance, over the horizon.
Flashes in the night, followed by the booming.
Hear the shells flying high overhead.
Sometimes they fall nearby.
Friends and comrades laying dead.

Over there in no-mans-land where machine guns hold sway.
Lay dead and broken soldiers in potholes for a grave.
Dreaded sound; the whistle, signals “up and over, boys”
Bullets fly like blankets, cut down soldiers as they rise.

Before them wait the enemy, guns are spitting fire.
Behind them waits the sergeant; revolver set and primed.
They stand there on the edge, they know.
They're damned if they do.
And damned if they don't.
If the Bosh don't get you.
The sergeant will.

Miles away behind the lines.
Where enemy bombs cant reach.
Deep entrenched the generals drink their brandy's and their teas.
They send their men to “do or die”.
“Their duty for the king”.
And any man that fails to rise.
Will die the cowards way.

The whistle blows the soldiers rise.
To hide their fear, the battle cry.
Mortars falling, bullets flying.
All around your friends are dying.
Life blood seeping into what once were green fields.
Who will profit, Do you wonder?
Not the orphaned, widowed, crippled survivor.
Why do we rise in the hour of need.
Country's honour or governments greed?

Phill Williams 30th July 2014

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Re: 1914-18. honour or greed?

Wow ... that's a powerful message, Phill.

There have and perhaps always will be tyrants who want more than their fair share. Sometimes the weapons are military and sometimes they're verbal. But I believe you've hit the nail right on the head about greed. It reminds me of a line from Pink Floyd's song "Us and Them":

"With .... without, and who'd deny it's what the fighting's all about?"

Nicely done, Phill!

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Re: 1914-18. honour or greed?

Real good phill,some of our countries so called leaders can not get enough of anything and business also profit from the wars.

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Re: 1914-18. honour or greed?

thanks guys,

when i saw all the old news real stuff, then the stories behind them it made me real mad.

i've always hated the "old families" that have country estates and own banks and built up the family fortune by using the poor commoners to toil in their sweat shops and die in their wars. it's all buisness and profits to them.

i'm not a communist or a revolutionary, but i believe in sharing the wealth and peace and love; "you may say i'm a i the only one?" almost a john lennon quote

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Re: 1914-18. honour or greed?

That was a conflict that changed the "art of warfare" forever.  Calvary against artillery and machine guns, mad dashes through the mud & wire, crawling through the rats and corpses, and my personal favorite.... the birth of chemical weapons.

Somehow I thought the nature of man was to learn from our mistakes...... ?

Good imagry and well written.


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Re: 1914-18. honour or greed?

hi doug, i like the line " the nature of man is to learn from his mistakes" may i remind you of "the bomb?" russia is heading back to pre glasnost days and the middle east is erupting. obviously the only thing man is learning is how to kill more efficiently.

as townsend said "hope i die before i get old" the way things are going we wont have a choice....

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