Topic: Jamey's Victory Song (Dedication to Robin Williams RIP) by Zen Galileo

Jamey's Victory Song by Zen Galileo 2011

key of C, very slow 4/4

Intro: C / walk down from C to Am stopping at (Cmaj9/E) throughout/ Am / walk down from Am to F (Am w/ G bass) throughout / F / G /G7 (repeat)

[C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G] [F] [G]

Well I have [C]been in chains[Cmaj9/E], [Am]chains for a [Am7/G]long, long [F]time [G]

And I have [C]bore them long[Cmaj9/E], so [Am]long,

and [Am7/G]now I'm [F]weary of life [G]

[F]I thought a lot a [G]bout it, now I'm [C]sure that I'm [Cmaj9]gonna [Am]do it

[Am7/G] So when I [F]get a chance,

[G]I'm gonna kill myself[C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G] [F] [G] [G7]

Now I [C]know that you're[Cmaj9/E] gonna [Am]try and [Am7/G]talk me [F]out of it [G]

And as a [C]friend[Cmaj9/E], it's the [Am]least I'd ex[Am7/G]pect from [F]you [G]

[F]But I made up my mind [G], I guess

I'm[C] just not[Cmaj9/E] the [Am]earthbound kind [Am7/G]

And when I [F]get a chance, [G]I'm gonna kill my [C]self

[F]Now don't get me [G]wrong, it's not a [C]bout you

[F]And it don't [G]mean that I don't [C]love you

[F]You've been the best kind of [G]friend, but [C]every road[Cmaj9/E]

has its [Am]end

[G bass]And when I [F]get my chance, [G]I'm gonna call it quits[C]

[Cmaj9] [Am] [G bass] [F] [G] [G7]

And I've [C]thought a lot[Cmaj9/E] a [Am]bout [Am7/G]how I'll do [F] it [G]

And I [C]promise[Cmaj9/E] I won't [Am]make a mess for [F]you [G]

[F] But pills ain't [G]sure enough, and a [C]gun that just

[Cmaj9/E]ain't my [Am]style

So next [F]time I'm alone, [G]I'm gonna hang myself[C]

Now I have [F] been in pain, [G]pain for a long, long [C]time

And I have [F] been in hell, and [G]sometimes you could

[C]see it [Cmaj9/E]in my [Am]eyes

[G] [F] I pray the Lord will under [G]stand,

I'm not a [C]coward [Cmaj9/E]or a [Am]thankless man[Am7/G]

It's just [F]all spelled out, [G]I'm gonna kill myself[C][Cmaj9/E]

[Am] [Am7/G]It's just [F]plain as day, [G]I'm gonna walk away[C]

[Cmaj9]Where this world[Am] won't find[G bass] me a [F]gain

It's O [G]K, just let me [C]slip away [Cmaj9/E]

[Am] My [Am7/G]friend it's too [F]late,

[G]There's nothing you could [C]say [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [G bass]

I'm not [F]sick or crazy,just[G]no more [G7]game to play [C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

I'm not [F]faithless or lazy,

[G]but say that prayer for me[C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am]

I'm at [G bass]peace with it [F]now For the [C]first time

[Cmaj9/E]in the [Am]longest time[G bass] I'm at [F]peace, [G]I'm at peace

[C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am]

[G bass]Only God[F] can judge me now[G], I'm at peace [C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am]

I'm [Am7/G]in His arms[F] some how[G] I'm at peace[C] [Cmaj9] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F] I'm goin up [G] that dusty road[C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F] to the [G]arms of my father [C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F] To the [G]open arms of my father [C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]And my father he's been [G]waitin a long time[C] forme[Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]He's been [G]lookin out at the ho [C]rizon [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]And while I'm [G]yet a long way [C]off [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]he's gonna come [G]running out to [C]greet me

[Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]And [G]fall on my neck [C]weeping [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]And he'll bring [G]with him the robe of a [C]son

the [Cmaj9/E] crown of a [Am]Prince [Am7/G] in His [F]Kingdom

And my [G]mother she'll be waiting on the [C]balcony [Cmaj9/E] [Am]

[Am7/G]blowing a [F]kiss to me saying, [G] [C] [Cmaj9/E]"Welcome [Am}home [Am7/G]son"

[F]And my brothers and [G]sisters will all [C]be there [Cmaj9/E]inin the [Am]walk [Am7/G] to my [F]palace [G]

[C] [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F]MMmmm It's a [G]victory, for [C]me, [Cmaj9/E]can't you [Am]see? [Am7/G]

[F] [G]It's a[C]victory[Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F] [G] I'm comin [C]home[Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F] [G] I'm comin [C]home [Cmaj9/E] [Am] [Am7/G]

[F] [G] I'm comin [C]home.

Re: Jamey's Victory Song (Dedication to Robin Williams RIP) by Zen Galileo

Good tribute song too a great artist.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

Re: Jamey's Victory Song (Dedication to Robin Williams RIP) by Zen Galileo