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Interesting read. I agree with everything he says except for one. Rock is NOT dead. The rock industry might be. Rock music will always live on in those who just love to play music. They do it for fun and not the money. Sure they go unnoticed and won't take over the world, but the music is definitely alive.

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Hi Z thats only one persons opinion,Rock and roll is here to stay.

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Great read, highlighting the immense chasm between pure music (whatever style) and the music industry. I love this line from the article:

"Some brilliance, somewhere, was going to be expressed, and now it won't, because it's that much harder to earn a living playing and writing songs. No one will pay you to do it."

Music will not and cannot die. The ability for a person to earn a living with pure music it's what's failing. Unfortunately, the majority of the masses don't play musical instruments, so the lyrics, showmanship, and imagery are more important to them, i.e., pop music. In this modern era, I doubt that musicians who didn't devote themselves to "stoking the star-maker machinery" (Joni Mitchell) would have become successful.

Welcome to the machine! (Pink Floyd, 1975)

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Someday we'll win this thing...


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Good one, Jerome ... that about sizes things up.

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In my opinion, it's a nonsense premise.  The idea that anyone with drive and a guitar 'made it' in the glory days of KISS is ridiculous on its face.

Stealing is wrong. You bet. But ask John Fogerty how he feels about theft and what Simmons called 'support.'  Theft of songs is nothing new. Decisions made on commerciality is nothing new. The only difference now is how easy it is to steal. 

Then, think about Ani Difranco.  She has been independent since she started, and she remains independent. Being able to distribute her music electronically has only made things easier for her and others like her who have worked to be independent.

I think the only thing that you can say safely is that the entire distribution model and means for earning money have changed.

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there are some strong emotions expressed here.

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what do that crowd of so called judges hear that i miss? they must see pretty faces first, slim bodies second then the voice comes a poor third. the saving grace is that next year they'll all have dissappeared again into obscurity, and the ones that survive will be game show or reality show hosts...thats your fate Xfactors.

rant over, they said guitar groups were finnished (to the beatles) then the beatles took ove the world, and we still know them and their songs today. i watched pink floyd in new york on tv the other day and the auditorium was packed. status quo regularly fill out stadiums. ok you may argue that neither band is a heavy metal group, but if YES can fill up a cruise ship every year, that tells me rock in any of it's "pure" forms is alive and kicking. it's just progressing, evolving and getting stronger.


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Zurf wrote:

I think the only thing that you can say safely is that the entire distribution model and means for earning money have changed.

That pretty much says it the way it is.... you can turn on any radio station and hear the same "hit-factory" music with different words and music, but all cranked out from the same cookie cutter.

"Artists" are the folks out there making their own music, laying down their own tracks, burning their own CDs and distributing their work independently to cut out he fat cats at the top who write contracts ensuring that the performer/writer gets a mere stipend for their effort.

You might get paid less regularly as an "Artist" these days but at least you get to collect a bigger (and fairer) chunk of the pie.  But yes you still get to vote for your favorites with your wallet.... or not.  For the most part we might sample music from a new group (youtube is a good example), but still buy the album or tickets to the concert if it's worth it.


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During the 60's and 70's and part of the 80's  there were a lot of bands that made it big. They made it big by having unique sounds or songs. And then some King Midas in the music industry knew he could make some big bucks off these bands and signed them. They both made money but , Midas made the Lion's Share off the recording. He took big bucks from the listeners and the bands. Today there are a lot more "indies" recording music- That's a good thing. The indies get more exposure than the Big Record companies would have given them. They have more control over their own music. That wouldn't have happened with the BIG Record companies.  Unfortunately there will be fewer and fewer Big artists  signed to big name labels. In fact many labels no longer exist. The music industry has changed completely from it's heyday of megabands. Some for the good - some not so good.