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Heres  a  clip  of  the  guys  and  me in Irapetra  rehearsing ,this  is  the  first  time  we  have all  played  together ,so  please be  kind


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Sounds like a GREAT start to me!  Thanks for sharing Graham!

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Thanks  Amy  we  are  very enthusiastic about  this  venture  but  it  has  come at  a  strange  time   just  after  I  had  planned  to  go  for  an extended  stay  in the  UK from December .We  need  to  get  some  gigs  before  I  have  to  leave  then we  can gauge  the  audience  reaction .

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Graham I think it needs to be rehearsed some more,it seems some of you are out of sinc and some are playing louder then others.

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Thanks for the comment dino I agree we do need much more rehearsal before we take this band on the road ,as I said  its early days we had not played together before .I love this forum and its members   the feed back we give  each other is great and I truly apreciate and respect all the comments please keep em coming guys.

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The video was to dark for me to see who was messing up. smile  ha ha just kidding Graham!
I am not familiar with that song but sure has some fast guitar riffs in it.  It will sound awesome when you guys get 'er tightened up! It is going to be a good live number!!

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Thanks  Rich it  certainly is  fast  and hard to keep up with .The  song tells of a Ghost  train and the journey  some one is taking on it and how his life plays out like a wild west movie ,the literal translation is a bit hard to follow  but I'm working on it .The original is by The Wooden Swords a greek rock band  and  its  written by  Pavlos Pavlides who does  some pretty cool tunes .