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Topic: Resonator Guitars

Wanting to develop slide I have been checking out some of these beauties. Any one out there own one or can enlighten me on brands or what they like better wood or steel bodies.

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Re: Resonator Guitars

I have a Regal roundneck Resonator guitar...I believe it's the RD-45. I cut out the three little holes in front of the resonator and installed a Dimarzio Vintage Blues strat Pickup and wired in a volume and tone. I use a heavier set of strings and usually play it fingerstyle and slide in Open G... Regal is not all that expensive for a Resonator (compared to Dobro) and mine has been a good one. This one has the wood body which has a warmer tone, but still that distinctive "sound" of a resonator. The brass bodied ones will give you more of that metallic tone...sorta hard for me to describe...

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