Topic: Which way around is a humbucker 'supposed' to go?

Hello again

I've just fitted a pair of Guitar Fetish Humbuckers in my Tokai LP.  Been wanting to do it for a while and, when they finally arrived yesterday, I popped 'em in today, restrung the guitar, worked the strings in for about 20 minutes and then gave 'em a blast through an amp.  Now, I've not had  chance to test them properly but they sound pretty good to me.

But here's the thing..

I've fitted them with the screws on the pickups near the neck at one end and away from the bridge at the other.  I only did that because the plastic case around the pickups is slanted to take the shape of the body that way and that was how they came out of the box.

So here's the question..

1. Is there a 'correct' way to do it?
2. Does it make a difference to the sound?
3. Does it really matter?

Now, as I said earlier I'm happy with the sound I'm getting so I don't give a rodents rear end if they're not Gibson standard correct but when I've trawled the internet for advice I've just come up with more questions.

I've not tried switching them around as I've only just got them in so does anyone have an answer?

Re: Which way around is a humbucker 'supposed' to go?

shaunm I do not have an answer but one of our moderators Russell Harding has been putting new pickups on his and he may see this and help you. He is good at these things.

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Re: Which way around is a humbucker 'supposed' to go?

ditto hit Russ up. he is the mutant!

how ever I do think there can be a diff sound if not "right"  maybe not bad ,, but Different.  take a picture and post it.

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Re: Which way around is a humbucker 'supposed' to go?

As long as the bridge is in the bridge position and the neck at the neck (some are slightly wound differently)  On gibson type you will find the screw spacing is also different (wider at the bridge).  Commonly the screws are on either the neck side or the bridge side respectively.  Having the bridge flipped will only make the tone less twangy, so if you like the sound..... anything goes!

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Re: Which way around is a humbucker 'supposed' to go?

If they came from Guitar Fetish usually they include instructions with a diagram but if there both equally the same it really dont matter, I say this because usually the bridge pickup has a higher number then the neck. When I put Texas coils in my strat the neck was 4 the mid was 5 and the bridge was 6 I think it refers to the treble output and the higher the number the closer to the bridge it will be installed.

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Re: Which way around is a humbucker 'supposed' to go?

Hello again

I've put the pups in the right place (the bridge pickup is higher output) but I was wondering is it mattered which way around they went in.  From what Doug said it doesn't really matter that much.  I'm trying them out with the band tonight so I'll get a chance to play them at volume so I'll get a better idea.
Thanks once again guys, it's nice to read stuff on an internet forum that's actually helpful rather than just people bragging about how hot their gear is.