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Hey Chordie Peeps:

I am brand new to playing electric guitars...I just purchased my first one and bought a very small (second hand) amp (HL A101 10 watt amp) just to learn and practice with at home...I have no aspirations of ever playing a gig for an audience...However, I would like to buy a better quality amp without having to break the bank...Do any of you have a suggestion on a decent sounding small amp for my home...Thanks in advance for your input.

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Define "without breaking the bank."

Are you ok with buying used?

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Regardless of brand, power level, or price, you will definitely be happier with a tube amp than a solid state. Tube amps usually cost a bit more, but you get more sound per watt than with a solid circuit. The sound of a tube amp is simply warmer and more full, and your guitar will sound more musical and less artificial.

You'll probably pay around $400 - $500 for an entry-price all-tube amp (new), and brands like Bugera and Peavey make decent tube amps in the lower price ranges. If that's too steep, the next best thing is probably a VOX ValveTronix which has a single tube in the pre-amp section. A VT20+ can be bought for about $250 new, and they have some decent effects built also.

Happy hunting!

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Ill second "Peavey" comment. I have ValveKing 112 for my tubes and Roland Cube for when Im lazy. I enjoy them both very much.

Thinking about Buying Fender Blues Junior. I wonder if it will be something in your ball park financially.

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Look in Pawn Shops. Check the classified ads like craigslist. Not just local either. Allow yourself a certain distance to travel to get what you are looking for. Be patient and look for someone that doesen`t know what they are selling.

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I have a small peavey and they are great for home use and not expensive.It is not a tube type though but it cost less then $100.00.

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i have a larger peavy with no valves which i enjoy immensely for stage use only. at home i'd rather use an FX pedal with headphones so as not to bother the neighbours, or the wife.

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then there is the compromise of a hybrid amp.  my sons Johnson amp has a tube pre-stage and s/s power amp.  that sucker is LOUD.  and they are not very expensive.  you might also want to look into Bugera amps. I have the V5 and i barely even take the attenuator off .1 W.  this is it.
This is a perfect home amp as you can dial the thing from  .1 to .3 to 5.  its all tube and has the vintage sound.

It has gone up in price by 75 bucks since I got  mine. but still for  200 its a great deal!  they are made by Beringher.  which makes some great soloid states also.

as Phill says,, using some stomp boxes or a multi effects  box can really make a so so amp sound pretty good.  Ebay is your friend on that one.  I just got my RP500 for a heck of a deal!  min you will want a distortion box,compressor and a delay.  you can get pretty good units of these from Rouge, or Berhinger.  Berhinger even sells sets that are cool. … B004H1KB3Y  or just look at the prices, you can start a pretty nice pedal bd on a budget
and if your worried about only 5 wats


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i like this