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Topic: Changing the font.

I have noticed that the font on songs I print has change within the last year.
It is not as bold as it used to be.
Is there a way I can change it?

I see how to make it bigger or smaller at the top of the page but that doesn't fix the problem I'm seeing.

My old eyes need help.


It is a bold font until I hit print, then It wimps down.

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Re: Changing the font.

Hi rick maybee you should ask a mod or the admin. While I am here check out BGD'S Las Vages get toghter post you may want too go too it. Which large town are you near in N. ca.

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Re: Changing the font.

Hello dino.

I was thinking maybe a mod or admin would see my post. My fingers are crossed.

I would like very much to go to Las Vegas for a chordie jam. My responsibilities might get in the way of that happening. Then again the stars and the moon might just line up and I could get away.

I'm in Redding, so it would be quite a drive for me. If I were to fly I would have to drive to Sacramento to catch a flight...Maybe if I started saving my pennies.....

Thanks Chordie for the years of music and advise.

Re: Changing the font.

There's not a way within Chordie to change your print settings (other than font size), however you can from your printer functions.  After hitting print a "print dialog" box should pop up.  Make sure the "print quality" is set as normal or best - if it's set on "fast" you'll end up with a faded print, that coincidentally comes out very fast.  wink  Let me know if that does it or not.

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