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Topic: Chords request please?

Hey, I'am just not able to find some chords to this song: Tinashe - I'm selfish, you can find it by this name on youtube, because I can't post the link. Can someone please help me out? I highly appreciate. Thanks

PS I'm not really good at this but is it just me or there are just 2 chords in the song?

Re: Chords request please?

Well, here is the link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoaqVojsseM

As for the "chords",  it's gonna take a keyboard player (better than me or my ears) to sort that out.  I'm hearing mostly percussion with a bass, and a little ivory fills here and there.  Minimalist and almost ambient musically. If you were thinking about getting close with a guitar to what is recorded, you might need a whole room full of processors and small arsenal of modeling efffects.  I'd be surprised if there was a breathing "musician" in the studio (in the classic sense), but rather a "magician" at the mixing rack.

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Re: Chords request please?

Hey, I was actually thinking about doing it in an acoustic way with only the piano and vocals. But my ears are just no good enough to decipher the chords.