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The Foothill Folk Society of Chillicothe, Ohio (FFS) would like to thank Roger Guppy for his generous donation.

FFS is a non-profit group of concerned musicians, artists and supporters who are dedicated to preserving Appalachian culture in our south-central Ohio area. We often have free live music performances in which we solicit donations for our local food bank and also have a program to provide free instruments and lessons to children who otherwise may never have a chance learn to play due to their family financial situation, etc.

During our recent chordie get-together at Amy and Jim's, Roger provided a generous donation for FFS.  I was able to pass on his donation to the group during a singer-songwriter performance Friday evening. Roger received a shout-out over the PA and members were thrilled that someone as far away as Portugal had contributed to our group.  There is also a thank you on the FFS Facebook page.

Again, thanks Roger.


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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

THAT is awesome, DE!  Thanks Roger!

Can't say I'm surprised though. I have interpreted our fearless leader as quite a nice guy for a long time now and this just proves my point.

What a great way to start a Sunday!

I am happy we're friends, you two!


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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

smile  It was a beautiful moment when the donation exchanged hands.  Roger IS very kind, generous, and a gentleman indeed!

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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

Hey come on guys, you are making me blush!

It is a very worthwhile organisation, giving the less fortunate youngsters chance to learn to play, and even earn their own, guitar if they keep to their lessons.

The praise is due to Ken and the other members for the good work they do.


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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

Go Roger

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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

Very nice Roger. smile

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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

All y'all are OK in my book. Thanks for being decent human beings.

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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

^ ditto what Zurf said - I've had the pleasure of meeting many chordians and without exception, all have been pretty great human beings!

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Re: Thank You Roger Guppy

Well done Roger! And Ken, of course...

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