Topic: Update on my Martin, also question about humidifiers

Here's an update on my Martin (follow-up to my original post 2015-07-07)

Took it to Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse WI.  They kept it a couple weeks to humidify, then level the lower frets and setup the action. The guy suggested I try heavier strings, so I said sure, I'll give them a try.  They put coated 12's on it, don't know the brand.  I played it a bunch in the store (thanks for that advice NELA) and it seemed good to go.  I've been playing it at home for about a month now, at least a couple times a week.  (My goal is to get back to playing everyday but I'm not there yet, hope to get there this winter when things slow down.)

Well, tonight I decided to go back to my favorite strings - Martin Phosphor Bronze Extra Lights (10's), and I have my old friend back!  It's the sound I know and enjoy. The action, while I wouldn't call it low, is very playable.  And the fret buzz is gone.  It's been a great night!

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement.

My question about humidifiers - the guy at DGS recommended the sponge-style humidifier that you insert into the sound hole, held by the 3 and 4 strings.  It's what he uses. I bought one from their shop, only $10.  But reading on the Internet, it seems more folks prefer the kind that is attached to the inside of the case.  Any suggestions on style, brand and your experiences with humidifiers would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Re: Update on my Martin, also question about humidifiers

Congrats on getting your Martin set up and working properly ... it must feel great!

Either humidification system is better than none, and you've seen first-hand how drying out can hurt a guitar. Personally, my guitars are hanging on the wall in the rec room, so I bought a plug-in humidifier for the dry winter months, and use a dehumidifier during the summer. It keeps the downstairs in the 50 - 55% RH range which not only is healthy for the guitars, it keeps the basement humidity level comfortable year round ... no mustiness.

I hope you have many happy days rediscovering your love of playing!

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Re: Update on my Martin, also question about humidifiers

Dave, glad everything is working out for you. As for your question concerning the humidifer, it's whatever you like best - just don't over do it.

Playing your guitar after a professional set-up sure 'nuff makes it look good to you're ears, don't it? Thanks for the update and don't be a stranger, keep posting.