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Most guys on Chordie Know for my instrumentals well if you have listen to this you will probably know why..
I wrote it a few years back dusted it off and gave it the full works. Listening to it I would have like to have given it a guitar break somewhere but as it was originally just a acoustic song the break would have made it just to long.
It's an anti war song. As any sounded minded person will tell you is the only war song worth listening to.
thanks for your time. … D=13210441

Not the Way Tony Kerry


[Em] Drifting away like [C] the clouds in the sky.

[Am] The smoke clears the battle [Em] field.

[Em] This was once my home [C] the place I was born.

[Am] Now it’s only rubble and [Em] ruin.


[C] When will we [D] hear the voice of [Em] peace.

[C] Whenwill we [D] listen tothe voice of [Em]reason.

[C] When will we [D] realise [G] that war[Dsus2/F#] is not [Em] the way.

[C] When [D] Oh when [Em] will we learn.


[Em] Friends I grew up with [C] are now called my enemies.

[Am] and now we are so far [Em] apart.

[Em] Hate has replaced [C] allmy feelings.

[Am] and to kill has become common [Em] place.



[Em] There was a time when I was [C] happy and carefree.

[Am] Only just dreaming of what my life would [Em] turn out to be.

[Em] Now I lay on the groundwith a [C] rifle in my hand.

[Am] Fighting for what we call our [Em] home land.



[Em] The land I once worked is all [C] pitted and scared .

[Am] My life will never be [Em] the same.

[Em] My family is scattered [C] to the four winds.

[Am] I see no end [Em] in sight.


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It is I who thank you. I too am tired of wars, they don't prove who is right only who is left.  I'm not a songwriter but I do know what sounds good and "Not The Way" is a great song. I really got into playing along with it, thanks again ark.

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arkady, had a listen, really good, quite haunting in a way.  Like the message in it too.

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hi tony, i tried to have a listen while on hols but it wouldn't play. anyway now i've listened and i really enjoyed, it has all the arkady markers, haunting under melody, quietly driving beat and slap in the face chorus. you could say i liked it and you'd be right, it must be good i listened to the whole 5 minutes.

the words are also haunting yet conjuring vivid pictures in my mind of the american civil war and also ww1 trench warfare in france.

well done my friend


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Great  song  love  the  content  and  the  music .I  would  like  to  hear  your  voice  a little  louder  in the  mix ,but  that's  just my  personal preference  .its  really  good .There's a  big  upsurge in anti  war  songs at  the  moment  ,the  more  the  better .

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Thanks for the comments bluejeep and Jandle.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday Phill. I just got back from a Centre Park break with the grand kids. I need a rest now..
Glad you liked the song.

Thanks for the comment Graham.
Your probably right about the voice levels. I have a naff microphone to compliment a weak voice add them together and they leave much to be desired. smile